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Week 1 (Mon 20th April)

On this page you will find all the documents and links you need for Year 5's home learning this week (beginning 20th April)

All about this week

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LIVE LESSON - Friday 24th April 10:30am

Join children around the country for a live lesson from Encounter Edu, which will help you to be creative in an outdoor space. They promise to help you explore your garden or a safe local green space in a new way.

You will need to get prepared before the live lesson:

There are two quick activities to do on a day before the lesson - an 8-way thinking wheel to help you come up with ways to describe your place and a postcard to design and send to a family member.


The lesson itself will guide you through 3 activities and you will need to have access to some simple resources for these:


You will need a small hand-held mirror.


You will need some string, a compass (or app) and a couple of toy figures.


You will need some light coloured material, old cardboard, a hammer or stone for 'bashing' and a sturdy flat surface on which to 'bash'.


Make sure you have all these ready for Friday.

If the above link does not work for some reason, please go to the web site:


Alternatively, use the Youtube link below