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Year 4

Saturday 4th April

Its officially the Easter Holidays!

This may not be like normal school holidays but I'm sure you will still all find ways to have fun, especially if the weather stays sunny. You now have 3 Kahoot quizzes available to play, it would be great to see as many of you play as possible. Please remember though, you should only do each quiz once. 

The top five children in our first quiz were: 1. Sam 2. Finn 3. Rida 4.Tabby 5. Ben  Well done to everyone who took part!


I have also uploaded some Easter activities with a few ideas of things you may want to do over the next two weeks. Don't worry however, none of them are maths questions!


I hope you and your families have a relaxing Easter. Stay safe, Stay at home and (don't) eat too much chocolate!

Miss Hillier


Kahoot Quiz PIN numbers


Electricity quiz: 0522131 closes Wednesday 8th April 8pm

Easter fun quiz: 0899843 closes Saturday 11th April 8pm

Awful Auntie quiz: 0890231 closes Saturday 11th April 6pm

Picture 1
Picture 2

Friday 4th April

Hi, I hope you are all well and managing to keep yourselves busy. I have created a second Kahoot quiz for you, this one is all about our last science unit on Electricity. It's been great to see how many of you have taken part in the first quiz and I will publish the results after the quiz closes tonight. 


The PIN number for the next quiz is 0522131. Good Luck! Quiz closes Wednesday 8th April 8pm


A note from Poppy - she has been really excited to receive so many emails from you and your pets. She has tried her best to reply to them all but it is taking her a while as her paws are a bit big for the key board (and she is easily distracted and keeps running off to chase birds or find another tennis ball!). She hopes that she might receive a few more as she enjoying getting to know you all. 

Busy working from home!

Busy working from home! 1

Thursday 2nd April


Hi Year 4!

Did anyone play an April Fool's joke yesterday or did you have one played on    you? We would love to hear about them and might post some of the funniest ones on our Year 4 page. Send me an e.mail to: 

We have just been checking doodle maths scores and delighted to see that: Ava-Rose, Clemence, Deborah, Florrie, Lewis, Lilly, Martha, Finn, Ray, Imy, Sydney, Rida and T.J have all been having a go. Lilly and Florrie are our top scorers at the moment. Well done girls!


Here is a little Easter Challenge for you!

Find the Easter Poodle

Still image for this video
Video part One.


Still image for this video
Video part Two

Tuesday 31st March - A little quiz!

I have created our first Year 4 Kahoot Quiz!

In order to take part you need to download a free app called Kahoot! onto either a tablet or phone. When asked to enter a nickname, use your first name so that I know who you are! For this quiz you then need to use the PIN 0733848. You will have until 8pm on Saturday to complete the quiz. I will be able to see your scores and will publish the results of the top 5 here on our web page. Today's quiz is based around numbers, some answers are very straight forward while others are a little more tricky!

I will create more over the coming days and weeks on a range of themes.


Good Luck and I look forward to seeing your score. Message your friends to take part so that you can compare scores with them!


Monday 30th March - Hello from Miss Hillier!

Hi Year 4,

I hope you are all well and staying safe at home. It seems so strange not coming into school, I'm sure you are all finding it strange too! As most of you know, I was not in at the end of the last week that you had in school as I was having an operation on wrist. The operation went well and I have now been able to take off the bandage but still have stitches in my wrist. The bruising is quite impressive, ranging from blue, purple, yellow and green! 


As we are all trying to find new ways to entertain ourselves, I thought I would share a picture using my new favourite discovery of Google 3D animals. I now just need to train my horse ready to do show jumping in the garden! 


This week's home learning is attached below. We have a link to a maths lesson for each day now which provides video explanations and then some questions to answer. They are set out in a very similar way to the questions that we use in the classroom. If you find these questions a bit tricky you can always look at the link on Mrs Burton's page to the Year 3 lessons but I'm sure the majority of you will be fine with the Year 4 work.


If you have any questions about your work, or would like to share some pictures of things that you have been doing, feel free to email me using:

My new horse named Google!

My new horse named Google! 1

Home Learning Week 2 - 30th March 2020

Most of you should aim to complete the ** questions but if you fancy a challenge try the *** questions. The answers are included but make sure you only look at these when you become the teacher and mark your work! Don't forget to give yourself a smiley face and a house point if you do well!

Meet Poppy!

Having to stay at home means spending more time with this ball of fluff! Poppy would like to introduce herself to Year 4 children. Poppy has heard that Christ Church has a reading dog and thinks that Peachy must be really clever to come into school and read to the children. She has decided that she will use her home learning time to get better at reading herself with the hope that she too can come and read to you one day! I think that she needed to start with a smaller book and maybe one with pictures but I'm sure she will manage. Poppy loves to hear from children and is a bit lonely at the moment as she cannot go to her dog agility and obedience classes so if you (or your pet with your help!) would like to write her letter you can email them to me at: and I will pass them on to her!

Miss Hillier

Picture 1
Home Learning Week 1: 23rd March 2020


Our Topic for Spring 2020 is... 'Vikings - Raiders or Traders?'

This term will be looking at whether the Vikings deserved the reputation that they have today. We will look at the trade routes that they established and the legacies that they have left in modern Britain today.

Picture 1

Some helpful documents and links for helping your child

Friday 14th February - STEM Week - Tower Building Challenge

Thursday 13th February - STEM Week - Building balloon cars

Wednesday 12th February- STEM week- constructing a giant tetrahedron!

Friday 7th February - Creating our own switches to turn the light on and off!

Thursday 30th January- Enjoying our reading!

Friday 24th January - Investigating electrical circuits! Would the light shine?

Thursday 16th January - We had a great first cornet lesson today! It was harder than we thought to make a sound but by the end of the lesson we were playing our first simple tune.

Last term Year 4 were inspired by dragons! They began by writing instruction manuals for how to care for a dragon. Subjects included ‘How to wash your dragon; How to teach your dragon to fly and How to teach your dragon to eat with good manners!’ Having written these detailed instructions the class decided they could be responsible dragon owners and began writing letter to Mr Cook to ask if they could have their own pet dragon! The letters were so impressive that this week Mr Cook arrived in our class holding our new pet! We are very excited that Roary has become part of our class, he is already working hard and we are treating him well. Thank you Mr Cook!

Our theme for Autumn 2019 term is

"Ancient Egypt- Who built the pyramids?"

Picture 1

We will be taking a journey along the River Nile, learning about its features and considering the question 'Who built the pyramids?' We will join Howard Carter's expedition as he discovers the "wonderful things" in Tutankhamun's tomb. We will also be learning about pharaohs, gods,the afterlife and what life was like for the Ancient Egyptians.  

Thursday 19th December- Year 4 and Reception worked together to make chocolate snowman biscuits!

Wednesday 27th November Who knew Glow in the Dark Rugby was a sport?

Wednesday 20th November- Learning about the chemicals released by our bodies when we are active!

Creating our own Hakka dance to understand how exercise can make us feel.

Researching the Question ‘Is the River Nile still useful today?’

Wednesday 6th November - Mental Health and Well-being with Gloucester Rugby Club

Year 4 have started a six week Mental Health and Well-being programme which is being delivered by Gloucester Rugby Club. The children will be learning about the '5 ways to well-being' and how following these principles will improve physical, emotional and mental well-being. In today's session the children learnt about the importance of connecting with people and having face to face interactions in world dominated by social media and technology. They enjoyed creating friendship handshakes and then discussed the skills required to strike up new friendships such as eye contact, smiling, listening and positive body language. 

Friday 11th October - One legged balancing - it is harder than you think!

Friday 27th September - Creating Dancing Egyptian Paperchains

Summer 2019 - Pigeons and Pumps!


Our topic for the summer term is Pigeons and Pumps! This is an exciting new topic for Year 4. We will be discovering and exploring the rich history of Cheltenham and its importance as a Spa town. 


Did you know, Cheltenham's first healing spring waters were discovered by pigeons pecking at the ground!



Picture 1
On Monday, we were all involved in an active play session led by two instructors from Kings Camp. We had a lot of fun and learnt some great new playground games.

Thursday 20th June - Gymnastics

Year 4 were invited to a gymnastics session at Rowan Gym Club. The children practised handstands, cartwheels, forward rolls and enjoyed getting to experience a sprung floor as well as using equipment such as the bars and trampoline. The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves and really improved their gymnastic skills.


Thank you to Mrs Dove and Dave for coaching us!

Sports Day 2019

The rain stayed away and we had an amazing time at our Sports Day!

Everyone tried their best in all activities and the end result was really close however Warwick were this year's winners. Well done Year 4!!

Forest School

Year 4 are loving their time at Forest School. Every week they are involved in a variety of activities such as; leaf rubbings, making nests, mini-beast hunts, building shelters, making bracelets, climbing trees and of course getting muddy!

Friday 7th June - Cheltenham Science Festival


Today we went to the Cheltenham Science Festival (in the pouring rain!). We went to a talk by Jon Chase on the science of Roald Dahl. We learnt that it would have taken over 2 million seagulls to lift the Giant Peach, which would have had to have been over 12 metres in diameter to float in the water as Roald Dahl described. We discovered that in reality it takes 21 helium filled balloons to lift one true size peach from the ground. 


We also learnt how George would have been able to make his magical potions change colour using red cabbage juice as an indicator for acid and alkali liquids in George's Marvellous Medicine! Other scientific facts were based around the stories of The Twits and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.


We then went to The Discovery Zone where we investigated how boats travel through locks, programmed robots, flew paper airplanes, and much more.....we even ate meal-worms!!

Residential to Deanfields!


On 15th May we travelled to the Forest of Dean for a two night adventure at the Dean Field Studies Centre. We waved goodbye to our parents and set off for a fun-filled time surrounded by nature. We participated in many activities such as climbing, tunnelling, forest walks, minibeast hunts and pond dipping (or sunglass fishing!)  During our few days away, we developed our teamwork skills and showed many of our core school values - especially perseverance - in order to overcome many personal and physical challenges. 


Our fantastic PowerPoints are available below for you to view...



Christian Arts Festival Theatre Visit


Year 4 were  lucky enough to visit Sale Church today along with year 3 to see a theatre production by the 4front theatre group. They performed A Fisherman’s Tale, a lively and enjoyable play about how Jesus helped the fishermen who were struggling to catch fish and later went on to become his disciples. Through laughter and song, the miracles Jesus performed were retold along with how his disciples then betrayed him before finding peace through his resurrection. A thoroughly enjoyable morning with an important message!

The Wilson

We visited The Edward Wilson Gallery for a fascinating insight into Cheltenham during the Georgian period. We enjoyed dressing up in Georgian clothes and looking at the various artefacts. We learnt all about the 'fan language' which was used by wealthy Georgian women.