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Yesterday's solution!

Morning Challenge



Go to White Rose Maths Home Learning Year 6 to see today's lesson on Substitution. 

English - Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling 


Hopefully you haven't forgotten all the grammar, punctuation and spelling you've learnt this year! Have a go at these questions - they are answers at the end of the document so you can see how you do. 



Log into ReadTheory today - we had 75 quizzes completed by pupils in the last 7 days alone! Well done! 

If you have forgotten your password, just email me! 

Tweedy the Clown - Lost and Found


Every Wednesday at 12.00 noon Tweedy performs at the Barn Theatre. You can watch previous episodes on their website too. 

Transition to Year 7

As you move to secondary school, it is important that you consider your hopes and concerns. Using an outline of a face, draw the aspects of

secondary life that you are looking forward to e.g. clubs, lessons; what you are nervous about e.g. homework, friends and areas that you have thoughts and questions about e.g. Who will be my teacher? Where will I eat lunch?

Here is an idea:




What is Islam?


Watch the video and test yourself on the quiz at the end. 

What can you remember about Islam?

What is Islam?

What are the 5 pillars of Islam?

What is the holy book?

Where do Muslims worship?


What is Ramadam? 

Watch the video and answer these questions.  

When is Ramadam?

How is it celebrated?

What is Eid ul-Fitr?

How do you think it would have been difficult for Muslims this year to celebrate?


If you would like activities to complete then check out this page.