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Year 2 Home Learning Work for Tuesday 16th June


Choose a challenge on "Hit the Button" to practise your quick mental maths skills. 

Watch the video for today's lesson: Count faces, edges and vertices on 3D shapes.


Complete today's worksheet.


Spelling: Practise your spellings (look-say-cover-write-check) for 10 minutes. 

Look at Monday's home learning page to find this week's spelling list.

Reading: Choose a book to read aloud to an adult. Make sure you share ideas and discuss what is happening in the story.
Writing: Read through the Tuesday booklet to check that you understand the tasks. Complete as much of the booklet as you wish.


In today's session we are going to investigate what happened to Delia and her fellow passengers on the Titanic. Use the session plan and resources to find out more! I had to split up Resource 14 because the file was too large to upload.