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Spring Term 2022

Spring Term 2022 Class Letter

Science knowledge organiser - Forces and Magnets

Happy New Year to all our children and families. Thank you so much for all our beautiful cards and presents 🎁. We hope that  you all had a wonderful festive break after the year we have experienced . This term the Year 3s will be learning all about the Romans and Celts, through our enquiry question : Was Boudicca really bad ? Our other areas of the curriculum are outlined on our Long Term Curriculum Planner found on the Year 3 main page.


Also, an especially big thank you for my extremely generous retirement gifts and super farewell from Year 3. Thank you so much! Love from Mrs Walsh

Fitness for Kids Workshop - 13th January 2022

What is it like to follow God presentations- 12th January 2022

Our first visit to Forest School - Tues 11th January 2022

The Roman invasion of Britain.

Boudicca - Queen of the Iceni Tribe.

Forest School January 2022

Our Brilliant Boudicca Sketches - What a Celtic Warror ! She is ready to revolt .....

Well Being Week 1 St Feb 2021