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Welcome to Year 2!


Welcome to our Year 2 webpage.

Class teacher: Mrs Proctor supported by Mrs Slee, Mrs Tyler and Mrs Sugur.


Here is the link for our class padlet:   




Welcome to Year 2!


Welcome to our Year 2 webpage.

Class teachers: Miss Devoy and Mrs Parker supported by Mrs Slee.



Thank you!

It was lovely to see lots of you on Wednesday and it seemed like you enjoyed seeing each other too! Thank you very much for all of my kind, thoughtful presents and cards.

Have an AMAZING summer holiday!

Miss Devoy x

A message from Mrs Burton and Mrs Walsh to welcome you to Year 3.

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Home Learning 2020 

Miss Devoy's email address:

Doodle Maths Summer Challenge!

It would be great to see lots of you Doodling over the summer holiday. It will help you to practise your maths, as well as being fun! Have a look at the link below to learn more about the challenge. 


Photography Competition

This competition has been extended to Monday 6th July so you have a few more days to take some brilliant photos! Read the flyer and letter from Miss Hillier to find out more information. It would be great to see some photos of the things that make you smile - maybe you could take a photo of something you do or somewhere you go this weekend!



Well done to the children who took part in the latest Kahoot! quiz. Here are the top 3 scores...

1. Logan - 17, 234

2. Bella C - 14, 882

3. Anton - 14, 139

Megan has created a family of cress heads at home!

Look at Flynn's beans and peas!

Creating our Cress Heads! We hope they grow soon!

Preparation for next week's Science session

If you would like to try the Science session next week (Thursday 25th), you will need to find/buy some cress seeds! You will also need a little container (like an empty yoghurt pot or egg shell) and some cotton wool. Don't worry if you can't get these things. You can try one of the additional activities instead!


I have created a new "Kahoot!" quiz for you all to take part in! 

If you haven't already done so,  you will need to download the "Kahoot!" app on a tablet or phone. 

Then, enter the PIN: 0697805

This should take you to my quiz called "Films and Books". 

You have until 5pm on Friday 26th June to give it a go...good luck! smiley

Sunflower update and growing rocket!

Join the Duchess of Cambridge for assembly

On Thursday 18th June, the Duchess of Cambridge will lead an online assembly for the Oak National Academy during which she will speak about the importance of mental wellbeing among children. The theme of the Duchess’ assembly is ‘spread a little kindness’.

The assembly will be live on the Oak National Academy website at 11am and can be accessed using the link below. 

Kahoot! Results

Well done to all of the children who attempted "The General Knowledge Quiz"!

Here are the top 3 scores:

1. Ruben - 27246 points

2. Tyler H. - 23844 points

3. Elena - 17989 points

Preparation for next week's Science session

If you would like to try the Science session next week (Wednesday 17th), you will need to find/buy some beans! Broad beans, butter beans, pinto beans or kidney beans are all ideal. You might already have these at home, but if not, try looking in the dried beans and pulses section of the supermarket!


A huge WELL DONE to Logan for practising his common exception words. He can read and spell them all now!


Still image for this video

It took us a while to complete this challenge! Can you do it?

Hi Year 2!

Still image for this video

A few photos from Tuesday afternoon!

**Preparing for next week's Science session**

Next Wednesday (3rd June) you will be investigating different types of seeds in our Science session. You might like to start collecting different seeds, fruits and flowers - e.g. grapes with pips, a sunflower head of sunflower seeds, orange with pips, avocado cut in half, pumpkin seeds, apple pips, etc.

Cheltenham Science Festival (2nd - 7th June)

Have a look at the website to see "What's on Science @ Home". There are lots of different events that will be streamed on the Cheltenham Festivals Youtube channel. I especially like the look of the "Family Show: The Quantum Mechanical Chocolate Factory" - all about food!

Well done to Bella for this brilliant attempt at today's "Estimate it!" Maths challenge! That's a lot of cartwheels!

Still image for this video

Still image for this video

The World's Largest Online Art Lesson

If you joined in with Rob's art lesson, send me a photo of your rainbow whale! Here's mine...

Bea has sent me her wonderful drawing!

Cheltenham Science Group

Have a look at these projects created by the Cheltenham Science group. There are different activities within each project and you can choose to do as many as you like! Let me know if you give any of them a go!

Looking to the Rainbow

A huge WELL DONE to Bella C. for taking part in the "Looking to the Rainbow" song that was organised by Mrs Walker! If you haven't already watched the video, you can find it on the Class Pages section of the website. Your singing was beautiful, Bella! heart


Have a look at The Royal Institution website if you would like to try some fun science experiments.

Week 4 - More photos!

Sunflower update and drawing

The sunflowers are getting bigger and bigger! I will plant them in the garden soon. 

I decided to draw a mackerel today. They are my favourite fish because of their amazing patterned scales. I also love the Latin name for mackerel - Scomber scombrus. smiley

Friday 8th May - VE Day 

I hope you all have a great day celebrating the 75th Anniversary of VE Day! If you are having a tea party or have decorated your house, let me know! I would love to see photos of your creations. 

Here are a few of the fantastic photos that children have sent to me!

Peanut butter cookies

I baked some yummy cookies this evening. If you love peanut butter as much as I do, you should try this recipe! (I halved all of the ingredients because I didn't want to make 24 cookies!)


Facts4Life Activity Mat

Have a go at these science and wellbeing activities!

Take a look at the "Operation Ouch" Youtube channel for more interesting videos and facts about the human body. 

Captain Tom Moore's 100th birthday 

Captain Tom Moore has raised millions of pounds for the NHS by walking 100 laps of his garden!

It is his 100th birthday on Thursday 30th April. 

The BBC - "To celebrate Tom’s 100th birthday we want photos of you and your family saluting Captain Tom Moore. The BBC will combine the nation’s photos into a mosaic to give to Tom on Thursday 30 April for his 100th birthday."

Visit the website below if you would like to join in!


Well done to the children who completed the "Types of sentence" Kahoot! quiz - lots of you had a go at this one! smiley

Here are the top 3 scores:

1. Elena - 13166 points

2. Logan - 13107 points

3. Bella T. - 13042 points

Doodle Maths

Year 2 are in the lead at the moment with 56% of you in the green zone! Well done! Keep on Doodling. 



Hi everyone!

I have created a new "Kahoot!" quiz for you all to take part in! 

If you haven't already done so,  you will need to download the "Kahoot!" app on a tablet or phone. 

Then, enter the PIN: 09302581

This should take you to my quiz called "Types of sentence". You might like to have a quick look at the pdf document attached below to remind yourself of the 4 different sentence types!

You have until 5pm on Sunday 26th April to give it a go...good luck!

Miss Devoy     

Sunflowers and Creme Egg brownies!

Hello Year 2!

I hope that you are enjoying the Easter break and you haven't eaten too much chocolate...

I made these Creme Egg brownies last weekend and there are only a few left now! Have you been doing any Easter baking?

My sunflowers have grown a lot and I had to move some of them into larger pots. They are really enjoying the sunshine! 

The Home Learning documents for next week will be on the website by Monday 20th April. 

Stay safe!

Miss Devoy smiley

Hi Year 2!

I hope that you are all safe and well! 

Here are a few Easter activities that you could do over the holidays. Make sure that you stay active and enjoy the sunshine in your gardens or when you are exercising. 

If you would like to show or tell me what you have been up to, send me an email:

I am missing you all!

Miss Devoy 

Sunflower update - they have started to grow!

Well done to the children who completed the Maths Kahoot! quiz.

Here are the top 3 scores:

1. George - 24868 points

2. Ruben - 22750 points

3. Anton - 18953 points

Friday 3rd April 2020

Still image for this video

Apologies for the strange facial expressions at the start of these videos... I'm not sure why that happens!

Here is my email address. Feel free to send me anything about what you have been up to:



Well done to the children who completed the first Kahoot! quiz.

Here are the top 3 scores (all scored 100%)

1. George - 20787 points

2. Elena - 19880 points

3. Ruben - 19866 points


I have created a NEW maths quiz for you to try! 

In the Kahoot! app, you will need to enter the PIN: 0670613

You have until Saturday 4th April at 5pm to complete the quiz. Good luck! smiley

Good morning Year 2!

I hope you are enjoying the challenges and activities at home. Remember that today is the first day of the Doodle Maths Easter challenge. I hope that lots of you can earn a badge and certificate for completing the challenge. There is a link on the Week 2 Home Learning document.  Good Luck!



Tuesday afternoon exercise

Still image for this video

Planting sunflowers

This afternoon, I planted some sunflower seeds. After adding water, I put these pots on my sunny kitchen windowsill.

I'll let you know when I see the little seedlings poking through the soil. I hope that they start to grow soon!

Number Challenge

Here's a number challenge for you to try. You can only use each number once!

You may need some perseverance for this...

Getting creative!

I have really enjoyed following Rob Biddulph's videos to create these little illustrations. 

I know that lots of you love drawing and these are very easy - I promise!

If you would like to give them a go, visit Rob's website:


Hi everyone!


I have created an exciting "Kahoot!" quiz for you all to take part in! 

All you need to do is download the "Kahoot!" app on a tablet or phone. 

Then, enter the PIN: 0601056

This should take you to my quiz called "Living things and their habitats".

You have until 5pm on Wednesday 1st April to give it a go...good luck!


Miss Devoy     

Home Learning Week 2 (beginning 30th March 2020)

Hello Year 2! I hope you all had a brilliant week and did lots of exciting learning at home! School was very quiet without you all and I have missed seeing your smiley faces! :)

I have attached a plan for this week - there are many other ideas and resources available online so feel free to use those as well! The other documents will be needed for some of the activities.

Have fun learning! 

Miss Devoy

Home Learning Week 1 (beginning 23rd March 2020)

See documents below. The first document outlines the plan for the week. Other documents will be needed for some of the activities. Have fun learning! 

Miss Devoy


As part of our school ‘Kindness’ week for Anti-bullying, we thought about the story ‘Have you filled a bucket today?’ We made our own buckets and were bucket fillers by encouraging our friends and sending them positive messages. It was great fun and we were so kind!

In Computing we have been thinking about algorithms and programming blue bots using left and right turns. We know how to ‘debug’ problems and loved using different maps of the world, UK and a street map to programme the blue bots. We also went outside and programmed out friends!

Our learning enquiry for the Autumn 2 term is:



What does our local area look like from above?


This is a Geography based topic, and we will be looking at a variety of maps of our local area.

Our key Geography learning questions will be:

Where in the world is my local area?

What is a bird’s eye view of my local area? (aerial map work)

What is the geography of my school? (fieldwork drawing own map of Malvern Road)

Which human and physical features might I see in my local area? (local area walk)

Why are keys important on maps?

What are compass directions and why are they important?


Our work will lead up to us making a messy map of our local area using a variety of resources!


During English lessons, we will be focusing on the texts: Journey by Aaron Becker, The Way Back Home by Oliver Jeffers and Beegu by Alexis Deacon. 


       Keep your eyes peeled for further updates!

Mrs Parker


In Computing and History, the children have loved retelling the events of the Great Fire of London through animation. They created their own moveable backdrops of London, and used the Stopmotion app to make the events come to life. If you would like to see the animated version, we should hopefully have the iPads to show you during next week’s open morning.

Our Warburtons visit! Today, Julie and Alice visited us from Warburtons! We learnt about the importance of being clean when cooking, found out about how bread is made in the Warburtons factory and the importance of eating a balanced diet. We then made our own bread rolls which looked and smelt delicious!

Kidditch- we had a great time this afternoon, zooming around on broomsticks and playing attacking and defending games using the quaffles! Our afternoon was magical!

Diary writing with quills- Our writing journey in English for the last 2 weeks has been focused on the diary of Samuel Pepys. Today we travelled back to 1666 with quills, ink and listened to the crackling of fire as we wrote our diaries as Samuel Pepys. Here are some photos of us working hard!

Our trip to the literature festival- We had a lovely morning at the Literature Festival. We met Little Chick and her friends who helped us learn some good lessons about how we should keep safe online! Here are some photos of our visit.

Fire service visit. Today the fire service visited us... they were so impressed about what we knew about the Great Fire of London! We talked about their jobs, then got a chance to be fire men and women by dressing up and even going in the fire engine. The best bit was our chance to squirt the hose!

We are working hard on understanding the place value of 2 digit numbers and finding different ways to partition 2 digit numbers.

Which materials are in our school and what are they used for? We went on a hunt around our school and found lots of different uses for one material. We also did some problem solving, and thought about what materials we might use if our school ran out of paper!

We have had a wonderful couple of weeks back and the children are really enjoying their new topic. Here we are in English, role playing out what the characters 'Vlad' and 'Boxton' might have seen during the Great Fire of London with their 5 senses.


Welcome to Year 2!


Welcome to our Year 2 website page. 

Adults in class are: Mrs Parker, supported by Mrs Slee

Our first learning enquiry this year is:

Was the Great Fire of London really GREAT?



Please take a look at the Knowledge Organisers above for key information that will help you to support your child with their learning at home.  


This is a fun-filled enquiry and our Autumn term will be filled with lots of exciting things; such as bread making, quill and ink diary writing, as well as a visit from the fire brigade!


In Geography we will be thinking about the British Isles, and using a variety of maps to identify different capital cities and the seas that surround us. We will be thinking about compass directions and different symbols we might see on maps.   


In Science, we will be focusing on materials and using our own observations to identify and classify materials. We will then apply our knowledge in a Design and Technology project to build a vehicle to escape the Great Fire of London. 



Reading and Spellings


Reading records need to be brought into school daily so that we can record your child's reading. 

Spellings are set on Monday and they will be tested on a Friday. 

Your child will have one copy of spellings to practice at home and one for in school. 

Homework is due in on a Monday, where it will be marked and filed.  

Also, please make sure that important letters are handed to an adult or taken to the office, rather than left in book bags.


If you have any further questions, please just ask. 

Please keep checking the page for pictures and updates. 

Mrs Parker

Video of our prototype cars

Still image for this video

Prototype cars

Still image for this video

Prototype cars

Still image for this video

Vehicle design and technology. This week we have explored all different types of vehicles and were set a challenge to create a vehicle for Little Red Riding Hood that can travel 2metres on both smooth and rough ground and also travel up a hill. We explored different types of axles that make wheels turn and then made prototypes to discover problems with our designs. We then created our final designs and tested them on different surfaces. It was great fun!

Mila Furstova visit- This morning, Year 2 had an inspiring visit from our local artist and parent, Mila Furstova, who has created art work for the band, Coldplay. The children were enchanted to hear about her life in the Czech Republic and loved seeing all the different processes that go into creating her art. The children particularly loved the opportunity to see some of her original artwork up close, including some featuring Mila's children in the class! The whole class came away with a message of dedication and creativity, and loved sharing the questions they had written for Mila. Thank you Mila once again for a wonderful, inspirational visit!

Arts week fun- Year 2 have had a wonderful time with lots of music this week. As well as whole school music assemblies, we have recorded our own 2 songs for the Christ Church CD and have been looking at Grieg's composition 'Hall of the Mountain King'. We thought about how the song made us feel and then discussed how Grieg used different instruments to create a composition. We worked in groups to create our own musical score composition and will be performing the finished pieces to each other on Friday.

Arts week- Year 2 have been exploring the works of Kandinsky this week. We looked at his different abstract paintings and had fun describing what we could see in each picture. We realised that different people saw different things, so wrote lovely poems based on what we saw in a chosen picture. We have also painted our own abstract pictures or versions of his work 'Concentric Circles'. They will be displayed outside our classroom, so please come and look!

Stop motion videos

Still image for this video

Stop motion videos

Still image for this video

Animation- today in computing, year 2 have been using the Stop Motion app to create their own animations by moving figures very slowly and capturing these moments with photographs. Some of us even added extra effects by using sound and more than one character!

Capacity- this morning we have been comparing the capacity of different containers. We discussed the meaning of the language ‘volume’ and ‘capacity’ and used cupfuls to measure each object’s capacity. We discovered that volume and capacity are equal when the container is full, and that the tallest containers do not always have the largest capacities.

Life cycles in Science

Still image for this video
We have been thinking about different life cycles this week, and have been using role play and cards to sequence the life cycles of different living things, such as humans, chickens, frogs and butterflies.
We worked in pairs using the iPads to record ourselves.

More life cycles

Still image for this video

In Maths and Geography, we have been thinking about directions and turns. We have enjoyed giving instructions to our ‘robot’ friends who could only move in the direction that the programmer gave.

Still image for this video

More directions!

Still image for this video

P.E with Mr Health Activator. Every week this term, we will be having a session about Keeping Fit and healthy. This week we talked about the different food groups and discussed what makes a healthy lunchbox. Afterwards we played games to keep us fit! We came up with our own fruit or vegetable team names.

Quidditch day! We had a wonderful afternoon learning the rules of quidditch. We had to manoeuvre around on a broomstick, score points with the quaff left and dodge bludgers from children who were beaters. We had a magical time, but we’re very tired afterwards!

Year 2's Summer 2 term


Twisted Tales


Welcome back!

This is our final topic in Year 2, and the second summer term always proves to be a busy one with a lot of fun.

Each Thursday afternoon we will also be having Science and PSHE sessions with Mr Health activator.  We have a day of Quidditch to look forward to on the 10th June, as well as Sports Day on 18th June. It is therefore very important that the children have a P.E. kit in school at all times. If your child has a club, please make sure they return their kit to school the following day. 

  In July, we will have an exciting Arts Week and Year 6 will perform their summer play to us. 

We will also have our move up sessions with our new teachers in the next few weeks!


This term's topic is Geography based, with lots of map work and orienteering using the map text 'Once upon a map book' by B.G Henessey, where the children will look at six fairy tales based maps to develop the skills from our last topic. In R.E. we will also be discussing places that are special to different groups of religious people. 

In English, we will be looking closely at some traditional tales with a twist, such as Little Red, Rapunzel or Pigs Might Fly. These are lovely texts which differ from the original stories and will inspire us to twist our own tales. We will also be diary writing from the perspective of some of the villains in these texts.

Our Computing work will focus on e-safety, and ensuring that we do not get tricked like Little Red Riding Hood into trusting strangers. We will be thinking about our personal information, writing emails and protecting ourselves from SPAM. 

In Design and Technology, we will be designing our own getaway vehicles from fairy tale villains. Each child will need a cereal box for this week, so please ensure you are keeping one aside in the next few weeks. During Arts Week, we will be looking at the artist Kandinsky and creating our own versions of his art. We will then use our abstract art to write poetry about what we can see!

Our Jigsaw topic is called 'Changing Me'. We will be discussing the correct language to describe our body parts, and we will discuss how they may change as we grow. 

Finally, we will be having a lot of fun in P.E. (hopefully outside), and will be playing tennis, Tag Rugby, as well as getting ready for Sports Day. 


As always, please catch me if you have any questions. 

Keep your eyes peeled for more updates on the class page.

Looking forward to a brilliant final term with the children!

Mrs Parker



Pollination. We have been busy bees this week in Science and have been thinking about the importance of bees and their role in pollination. We made our own bee finger puppets and created pollinated flowers that our bees had to visit in order to collect and spread pollen. This led on to conversations about how we can protect bees and how they are so important to our world.

Messy maps of our local area. In Geography, we have been focusing on map skills this term. This week we have looked at maps and different aerial pictures of our local area. We discussed the idea of a 'bird's eye view' perspective and how satellites can help to map different places around the world. We looked at our local area and chose different media to represent human and physical features. We even used keys to show what each part of the map represented!

Plant experiment- today the children came up with their own criteria of what they thought a plant needed to grow; water, light, warmth and soil. We decided to plant some cress seeds and each group would test as to whether their cress would be able to grow if one or more of their criteria were not given to the plant. We have given one group all of the criteria to measure them against. We had a lot of fun!

This week, we have been thinking about what we already know about plants and we have been recognising the different parts. Some of us could even use the words photosynthesis to describe the functions of the leaves! We thought about each part, and used materials to create and label our own flowers,

How does your garden grow?


Welcome back for our first summer term! I hope you have all had a wonderful Easter break with your families and are ready for all the fun Year 2 will have in this term. 

Our topic this term is called How does your Garden Grow?, which focuses on plant growth, germination and life cycles.

In English, we will begin by doing some story writing, focusing on the classic tale of Peter Rabbit, before moving on to look at the short story, The Tin Forest. During this topic, we will have a special Science visitor, who will come to school with a scientific problem that she needs our help to solve! We will be writing recounts of our day with her too. 

In Maths, we will be reviewing all the skills taught so far across the year to ensure the children's readiness for SATs in the month of May. 

In Art, we will be looking at different artists' interpretations of nature, such as Van Gogh or through the book 'Through my Window' by Jeannie Baker

Our topic work has a geographical focus, and we will be looking at different maps of our locality and a contrasting place. We will be recognising keys and even start to use grid references. 

If your child has something linked to our topic, then they may bring it in for Show and Tell.

(Please remember no toys!) 


Keep your eyes peeled for updates on our class page!

Many thanks,

Mrs Parker



We had a fabulous time on Red Nose Day. Our class decided that we wanted to raise money by having a Red Nose Day Cake competition that would be judged by our School Councillors. Everyone tried so hard and thought of some creative designs! Well done to our prize winners, Felicity and Harry. We sold the remaining cakes at the end of the day and fundraiser a grand total of £87.70 as a class. Well done children!

Our wonderful world- today we have been finding different countries across the world using globes and maps. We have been using compass directions to work out which direction places are from the UK.

Happy World Book Day! Today we have been doing all sorts of fun activities. The Reception, Year One and Year 2 children have all learnt performance poetry and have competed in an infant Poetry Slam. Year Two performed ‘On the Ning Nang Nong’ by Spike Milligan which was a bit of a tongue twister! We noticed it also has lots of rhyming words so we had a rhyming word treasure hunt too. We have also shared our favourite stories and will be writing our own ones this afternoon. Thank you parents for all your help with the children’s wonderful costumes.

Quentin Blake art- Today we have been sketching and painting watercolour pictures in the style of Quentin Blake to retell the story of James and the Giant Peach. It has been great fun.

Which is longer- a blue whale or the Empire State Building? Today in Maths, we were learning to measure in metres. We found out that a blue whale measures 30m metres long so we used metre rulers and chalk to draw on the playground how long that would be! We found out that the Empire State Building in New York measures 443 metres tall, which is just under the length of 15 blue whales side by side! We also practised measuring how far we could jump in metres- it was great fun.

We have been looking at Quentin Blake’s artwork for Roald Dahl’s books ahead of our work on Friday with Mrs King. We are going to be doing watercolours on Friday and creating posters of James and the Giant Peach characters.

Spring 2 

James and the Giant Peach




Time is flying by- we are already halfway through the school year!


This term, our learning will be based around Roald Dahl's brilliant novel, James and the Giant Peach. 

In English, we will of course be writing our own versions of the story as well as character descriptions and newspaper reports. 

In Science, we will be investigating different mini beasts and their habitats, before looking at animal food chains.

In Art, we will be having a brilliant Quentin Blake workshop with Mrs King, and then we will be using 'The Beetle Book' by Steve Jenkins to makecolourful observational drawings.

In topic, we will be journeying with James across the Atlantic and looking at New York City and how it is different to Cheltenham and Gloucester.

The children will be answering the questions: What makes a city, a city? How is Cheltenham different to New York?


I look forward to another wonderful half term with the children. 

If the children have anything do with mini beasts, New York or the story James and the Giant Peach, they are welcome to bring it in for show and tell. Please remember that we do not do 'toy show and tell'!


As always, if you have any questions, please ask. 

Mrs Parker



This morning we have been on a local nature walk to spot different birds as we are participating in the Great School Birdwatch! We saw lots of magpies, seagulls, pigeons, sparrows, blackbirds and even some thrushes! The children loved getting outside and bird watching- some even had binoculars!

In Science we have been thinking about different animal adaptations. We looked at a variety of polar animals to understand how they can live in extreme habitats and then designed our own animals. We used play dough to practise sculpting our animals and then made our own out of plasticine. In the afternoon we made our own habitats. Do you like them?

Gymnastics competition- This week, six year 2 children attended a Move More gymnastics competition that they have been preparing for in their club. Their dedication and hard work paid off, and they received a bronze medal as a team, with one of our members scooping the individual gold medal. We are so proud of them. The children performed their routines to the rest of the class and they were very impressed!

Women's Rights Day

We had a wonderful time celebrating the history of the Suffragette Movement today.

Our day began with the children voting for the book that they wanted to be read to- however, only boys were allowed to vote! Straight away the children could discuss the idea of inequality and how it would have been to have been a woman before the Suffragette movement. The girls had their chance to vote later, after our whole school assembly.

The children loved finding out about Emmeline Pankhurst and the Suffragettes. They made rosettes to show their support for the Suffragette ideas. 

They then had the choice to find out about different women who had changed the world, and made some brilliant posters to display the information they found out. What a super day we have had!

In Maths, we have a daily fluency session. On Tuesday we worked in pairs to create as many different 2 digit numbers as we could. We worked out the biggest and smallest numbers we could make, and then spotted the biggest odd and even number. We love number play!

Meeting an explorer- Year 2 were lucky enough to have a visit from Leo’s dad this afternoon, who has visited the Arctic several times and the Sahara desert, amongst lots of other different countries. In English, we wrote different questions and he was kind enough to answer them! We found out that going to the Arctic involves a great deal of preparation and that being a real explorer means you are travelling with a purpose. Leo’s dad told us all about his mission around Britain and showed us some of the things he takes with him on his trips. The children had a wonderful time!

Coding- We have been having fun with SCRATCH on the ipads this week. We worked in small groups to create backgrounds, characters and a code that made our characters do different things. Some of us even worked out how to use our own photographs as part of our design!

Today we visited the Edward Wilson museum in Cheltenham. We heard about Edward Wilson's life in Cheltenham and his two trips to Antarctica. We had lots of fun dressing up in different Victorian outfits, and we learned about how he liked to paint different animals and creatures in Leckhampton. We thought about the different things he and Captain Scott packed on their trip to the South Pole, and looked at different artefacts, including the snow shoes he may have worn, his heavy sleeping bag and where he stored his paint sets.

We observed lots of his different paintings and drawings, and practiced his skills in our own pictures. We had a brilliant time!

What is the best way to keep warm in the Arctic? We conducted an experiment to see which material kept our skin the warmest in icy water. We tested skin on its own, a glove, some foil and some fat. Most of us concluded that the glove made our hand feel the coldest and the fat kept us warm because it acted like a layer of blubber- like a polar bear!

In Science we have been looking at different habitats and sorting animals in their habitats. We have talked about adaptations and how polar animals can live in the Arctic and Antarctica.

Welcome back!

Our new topic this term in Year 2 is 'An Icy Adventure'.

In History and Geography, we will be looking at Captain Scott's adventure to Antarctica and thinking about how he travelled to the South Pole and what he might have seen on his journey there.

We will be walking to the Edward Wilson museum for a workshop on our local explorer, Edward Wilson. Here we will learn about his life and complete a watercolour painting workshop.

In Science, we will be looking at different polar animals and learning about how they are adapted to live in such extreme climates. We will be designing our own polar animals and making habitats for them too during our Art sessions. 

Our class service is on 31st January at 9:15am , which you are all invited to share with the children. We will be presenting our own ideas about our school value, perseverance. 


In English, we have been thinking about writing instructions. This morning, we have pretended we are bakers from 1666 and have followed instructions to bake our own bread rolls. We ate them when they were fresh from the oven and they were very tasty!

Today we pretended we were in 1666 and despite battle the wind and rain, we managed to re-enact a (albeit little!) Great Fire of London! We will have another try when the weather improves. Here are some pictures of our first attempt and some of our quill writing, where we wrote diaries in the style of Samuel Pepys.