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Morning Challenge - Make Ten by moving just 10 sticks

You will need pages 16 - 18 today. 

Activity 9: Drawing your setting 

After listening to many authors interviews on RadioBlogging, many of them – especially Abi Elphinstone – said that they drew pictures of their settings, main characters and scenes from the stories. To really help picture your main scene, have a go at sketching it out below. It doesn’t really matter what it looks like (this isn’t an art lesson!) but it may help you to really picture what is going on and give you a reference point to look back on when writing.

Here are some things you might want to include in your drawing:

Where is your treasure/object?

Where are your main characters and what are they doing?

Where or what is your danger?

What is the weather/time of the day like?


Activity 10: Planning your story 

Now it is time to do! You can just write your ideas in bullet points or try to draft your writing in sentences. The more your get on your plan, the easier your writing will be! If you want more paragraphs or sections you could split some of the boxes in two.