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Yesterday's Solution (we only found 3 - I think there was an error in the pictures)

Morning Challenge!



Go to White Rose Home Learning Year 6 to watch the video today on Forming Expressions. 

Coronavirus Book for Children 


Click here to read this eBook designed for children. This book might help answer questions or worries you have about Coronavirus. 



Today you will complete Activity 8 and 9 planning your writing and you may get started writing it today too! 

Activity 8 - planning

Activity 9 -  talking through your plan

Activity 10 - writing your advert 

Draw with Rob


It's been a while since I've drawn along with Rob - check out his webpage , choose one to draw and email me your pictures! 


Look through the PowerPoint above to find out more about reflecting light. 

There are two activities to choose from: 

  • Making a  Periscope (you will need two mirrors, a cereal box, scissors, glue, tape) 
  • Complete the activity sheet 

You can’t see around corners… or can you? In this activity, carefully placed mirrors change the path light takes twice, making it possible to look over walls, around corners and even behind you – all without being seen.


Watch this video to recap last week's learning and find out more about reflection of light. 

Reflecting Light 


Making a periscope - check out Science Museum website to make a periscope. You will need two mirrors, cardboard, a protractor and a template. 


A periscope is an instrument people use to look at things from a hidden position. The device has a long tube with parallel mirrors situated at both ends at a 45-degree angle. However, some periscopes opt for prisms rather than mirrors, such as those in submarines. The military typically uses periscopes in armored vehicles and gun turrets.


The word periscope derives from two Greek words. “Peri” means “around,” and “scopus” means "to look.” Hence, a periscope has the ability to turn around in a circular manner to view objects usually above ground or on the water's surface.

Use in Submarines

Besides reflecting prisms, periscopes on submarines usually have two telescopes. A submarine features heavy-duty, thick waterproof casing that makes it sturdy enough to withstand high water pressure.


Watch this video about how a periscope works. 

Here is a video of a real submarine using a persiscope. 

I have been fortunate enough to go on board a submarine called HMS Alliance at the Portsmouth Royal Navy Submarine Museum - it was amazing to get inside one and see the periscopes too!  It was huge! Check it out on their website here! 

I also have been sailing in Scotland and one night we saw a huge black shape slowly emerge from the water - it looked like a whale then we realised it was a submarine as the Royal Navy use the Inner Hebrides in Scotland for training purposes! Amazing! 


1. Periscope Template

Transition to Year 7 

During your time at secondary school, you will encounter a variety of different experiences. Today you need to interview someone about how they coped with some of the changes they faced at secondary school. This could be a family member in your household or a neighbour/relative that has been to secondary school (please ensure that you either use technology or follow social distancing guidelines). Consider what questions you could ask e.g. how did you make new friends? What did you do if you got lost? What did you do if you forgot your PE kit/forgot to do your homework?

To Y6,

I was telling Y6 group A last week about my experiences of starting school. I walked into the boys' toilets on my first day and was so embarrassed sneaking back out into the main corridor. I also remember getting lost and being late for lessons. I even got a detention for not doing my Spanish homework in time and that was doubly bad as my mum was a teacher at the school so I had to own up and tell her! Mrs Proctor