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Morning Challenge! 

Did you know.....?

Percentages are reversible! 

8% of 25 is the same as 25% of 8 and one of them is easier to calculate in your head! 

Test it out with some other examples! 

Online Pupil Survey

If you are at home today, complete the Online Pupil Survey. Details were sent out last week to your parent's email address. Thanks! 



Go to HomeSchool Learning on White Rose to watch today's lesson video on the Area and Perimeter

Year 6 - Week 9 - Lesson 1 - Area and perimeter

This is "Year 6 - Week 9 - Lesson 1 - Area and perimeter" by White Rose Maths on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.



Today you will need pages 2 and 7  of this booklet. 

Today's image is called "A Strange Day in July"

Science - Refraction 


1. Place a straw into a glass of water and watch what happens. Why does this happen? Look at the concept cartoon on the PowerPoint and discuss what the children think. 


Go through the PowerPoint to find out more about refraction. There is a video to watch below too. 




Understanding Refraction

Join Rebecca Emerich, Educational Outreach Manager, as she explains refraction, the bending of light when it travels from one medium to another. Refraction i...

Look through the PowerPoint above and watch the video before looking at these questions. 

Dare to Take Risks 


What are your hopes and dreams for secondary school?

You will be there from when you’re 11 to maybe 16 or 18 years old.
A lot will change in that time.


Write down your thoughts about the following:

1.What do you hope you will achieve?
2.What kind of person do you hope you will become?
3.Write down three words that you hope people will say about you.