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THRIVE and Pastoral Support - Information for families



The Thrive Approach is used at Christ Church to build positive relationships and to focus upon  a child's social and emotional development. It offers practical strategies and skills that are built around an online assessment which identifies a child’s key area of need. Differentiated provision is put into place by adults working most closely with the child. 

Our qualified advanced Thrive practitioners: Mrs Wyatt & Mrs Whybrew with experienced teaching partners: Mrs Moores and Ms Freer, work closely with the children to support their needs.

Action plans are provided for individual children, small groups and whole class. 



It addresses emotional and developmental needs, builds resilience and resourcefulness, decreases the risk of mental illness and allows the child to have the capacity to learn. THRIVE also gives the child(ren) tools to enable them to self-manage times of dysregulation. It also enables a child(ren) to think before acting, show initiative, gain confidence and to show tolerance and awareness of others. It also allows a child to develop a sense of identity.


Children may experience challenging situations during their time at school. These may include:

  • friendship or family issues
  • classroom behaviour
  • managing and regulating strong feelings

Our Thrive sessions may include the following activities:

  • storytelling
  • circle games
  • arts and crafts
  • cooking
  • sand play
  • movement and relaxation
  • role play and puppet work
  • games






Parent and Carer guide to The THRIVE Approach