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Hello to Y6 Group A

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Morning Challenge - Spot the three differences!



Week 7 Lesson 1 - Find a rule 

Watch White Rose Home Learning Year 6 video then complete the activity sheets. 



You will complete Activity 6 and 7 today - the fun part designing your gadget you will advertise! 

Activity 6 - New Ideas

Activity 7 - draw your gadget and think carefully about selling points you can advertise! 


Transition to Year 7

Starting secondary school is a time for you to say farewell to current teachers and classmates and hello to many new faces. It is important for you to cherish your favourite memories. Create a drawing of your special memory and frame it in a photo frame. You may choose to draw a favourite lesson, a funny moment with friends, a school trip, your favourite teacher or a job role you were proud of. You may choose to decorate the photo frame provided or to craft your own using card. Click here for ideas for photo frames.


Don't forget you need to take a short video of a funny memory of your time at Christ Church and email it to Mrs Proctor! 


Leavers Jobs to do.....


Please don't forget you need to send me:

baby photo

photo of your first day of school (if you have one)

a recent photo (you don't have to be in uniform) 


A photo of yourself holding an A4 sheet with what you want to be when you grow up


A video of a favourite memory of your time at Christ Church 


By Friday 19th June please! 


To explore crime and punishment in the Victorian era 

Do you know when the Victorian era was? Look at the timeline on the slides. This was a period when the population was growing fast and Britain had a huge overseas empire.

• Go through the slides explaining why smugglers, traitors and highwaymen became less common and
what new crimes became common due to changes in society (e.g. child safety laws, railways, etc.).
• One of the biggest changes was the creation of the police force. This started in 1749 with the Bow Street Runners but then in 1829 the Metropolitan Police Act was passed.
• There were lots of changes in punishments during this time. Go through the information on the slides, including details of how transportation changed from being to America to Australia, and how prisons, workhouses and reform schools were set up.
• What do you think of crime and punishment in the Victorian period? How is it different or similar to crime and punishment today?


Choose which activity you would like to complete. 

Worksheet 6A

Read the extract from Oliver Twist. Go through the questions one at a time and discuss.


Worksheet 6B

Read the extract from Oliver Twist, then write a diary entry about life as a child criminal on worksheet 6B.


Worksheet 6C

Look at the Transportation Story sheets. Read through them, then challenge them to write their own story about a criminal
who is sentenced to transportation to Australia but who attempts an escape. Plan your story on worksheet 6C, then write out independently.


Fancy something different? 

Worksheet 6D

Look at the questions  then try to answer as many of the questions as you can on your worksheet.