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Term 1 Autumn 2023

Welcome to Year 2

Term 1 Autumn 2023




Black History Month - learning about Betty Campbell, the first black headteacher in Wales

Betty Campbell was born in Cardiff in 1934. Her mother wanted her to try her very best in school, and she did! She was a very good pupil. In fact, she enjoyed learning so much that she dreamed of becoming a teacher herself. One day, Betty told one of her teachers about her dream.

Art Lessons - drawing skills

iSingPop Concert at Christ Church

Quill writing diaries as if we were Samuel Pepys!

Dance in PE Lessons

Museum box of artefacts linked to the Great Fire of London borrowed from the Wilson Museum.

History - diamond ranking activity to make a hierarchy of best ideas to help people affected by the fire.

Cheltenham Literature Festival - Michael Rosen

Congratulations for completing NumBots! Wow!

Writers' Cafe - writing for pleasure

Art and Design - drawing skills

Science - testing how waterproof paper is

Computing Lessons

D+T Breadmaking Project


The children discovered the Fire of London started in a bakery on Pudding Lane on Sunday 2nd September 1666 so we decided we wanted to make bread too. We researched different types of bread and tasted a variety to give us ideas for toppings or ingredients we could mix into the dough. 

The children are learning to write instructions in English using command sentences so they followed the recipe and made the most delicious loaves of bread! We think they look delicious! After tasting our own loaves, the children evaluated and decided what went well and what they'd change next time. Well done Year 2. 

Opening our new class book - "Hotel Flamingo"

History - using primary sources as clues to discover how The Great Fire of London started

English - reading instructions to find key features

Our Book Corner and Reading display