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Morning Challenge


Let's play this interactive wordsearch game to practice our spelling

This week is all about Treasure!  Today you will need pages 1 - 7 and complete activities 1 and 2. 

Introducing suspense

In this workbook, we are going to be writing FINDING TALES and our main focus is going to be suspense writing. You may have done some of this in school so try to tap back into the learning you have done about how to write effective suspense stories.

Reading Comprehension

"Living Well"

This is the last in our series of Transition to Y7 sessions.  Go through the PowerPoint and watch the videos. There is just one task this time. 

Go and BE AWESOME as you GO BIG.

Be the kindest, most determined, most resilient generation that your secondary school has ever seen.





Art - Paint a whale with ArtBase!

Today we're going to be painting this lovely whale. We're using watercolours but you can use whatever paints you have. If you don't have paints, you could us...