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Yesterday's Morning Challenge-Solution......there are 20 nines from 1-100.....9,19,29,39,49,59,69,79,89,90,91,92,93,94,95,96,97,98,99.

Morning Challenge


Activity 1 - Playing with Polygons 

Watch this video


The ‘Origami Challenge’ is the game the Measures family is playing.

The challenge is to fold a regular pentagon from an A4 piece of paper.

The timer is set for the two-minute task. 'Penta' is explained as the Greek word for 5; 'pentagon' as five angles.

A diagram and explanation give the properties of a pentagon. Images from the natural and man-made world show that there are pentagons all around us.

After two minutes, Abi Measure is the only family member to succeed in making the regular origami pentagon.

It is demonstrated how she achieved that.

Three tasks follow: we are challenged to make our own pentagon; we are asked to explore how to investigate hidden triangles within the pentagon diagram; and finally we are challenged to find the sum of the internal angles using a protractor.


Activity 2 -  Area and Perimeter

The Grecian pizza parlour boss brings up from the cellar a box of 80 ‘smashing plates’ that must be arranged in piles three deep around the perimeter of the restaurant.

The guests will smash them at the end of the pizza party after the dancing.

Apprentice Ambrose’s boss explains the difference between area and perimeter.

Perimeter is ‘the distance round the outside edge’ and area is the ‘space inside’.

Ambrose must work out how many plates he needs and how many boxes to fetch.

Ambrose also learns the quick way of finding the perimeter of a rectangle as (2 x length) + (2 x width).

He measures the restaurant in plates.

Three questions of increasing difficulty are asked about area and perimeter based on the pizza parlour scenario.

Collective Worship - iSingPOP Show Episode 5

Calling all Popstars! Welcome to the iSingPOP Show Episode 5. Join us every Friday at 11.30am for a show packed full of energy, laughter and dancing. In this...

Art and Design - shades with paint 


How many shades of one colours can you make by adding small amounts of white or black to it?

Check out this 10 green bottles artwork. 
Sketch out 10 different sized bottles in different styles to fill your page. Then choose one colour you will use to experiment with shades. 

Paint each bottle a slightly different shade. Once dry, outline with a black pen. Send me a photo of your final design.