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Autumn Term 2021

Autumn Term 2 Enquiry - Where does our food come from ? Knowledge organiser

Autumn Term 2021 Welcome Letter

This term our history enquiry is to research.....The Secrets of the Stone Age through to the Iron Age.

History Knowledge Organiser - What are the Secrets of the Stone Age?

Rocks and soils Knowledge Organiser

Christmas Dinner 15th December 2021

We are delighted with our completed DT Photo Frames ....take a look ! 15th December 2021

Year 3 DT project 13th December 2021 - Design and make a free standing photo frame.

First Aid Training - 9th December 2021 . Year 3 gained super experience of how to perform CPR and how to attend to a casualty in many life situations.

A visit from The Life Zone on 19th November taught us lots about our body and how to take care of it!

Anti Bullying week - November 2021. We enjoyed designing odd socks to celebrate difference, we studied Banksy and designed posters based on The Girl with a Balloon kind word. We also designed anti bullying posters to promote kindness and tolerance.

We loved our 2 visits from the History Student Teachers who worked hard with us on timelines and chronology in early November.

Mrs Henson visited Year 3 to discuss her role as a Curate and what the Creation Story means to her .

Cheltenham Literature Festival - Year 3 were so lucky to see Vashti Hardy , have a picnic lunch then see Maggs the Storyteller and finally visit the amazing Jamaican poet - Valerie Bloom.

To celebrate Black History Month we , as a school , experienced an African Dance workshop ! Check out our moves .....

Year 3 have produced a wonderful collaborative collage on the Christian story of the Creation.

Skipping workshop - 21st September 2021

Rocks and soils - we have been researching and classifying different rocks.

Stone Age Boy - we have been learning how to mime in character.

Class 2020 - 2021. DT project December 2020 - design a photo frame.

Life education bus visit 20/11/20

Researching fossils.

Year 3 Sketch books.