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Yesterday's Solution

Morning Challenge - What is wrong in this picture?



Activity 1 - Through the Window from nRich. 
The store in my town which sells windows calculates the price of windows according to the area of glass used and the length of frame needed.
Can you work out how they arrived at the prices of the windows below?

Activity 2 -  Price Match

‚ÄčIn a particular shop, the price of windows is calculated according to the area of glass used and the length of frame needed. In the picture below, glass costs £10 for an area of one small square, plus £5 for every square edge of frame.
If we call the area of the glass A and the perimeter of the window P, how would you express the cost of the window in terms of A and P?
Use your formula to find pairs of rectangular windows that are different sizes but cost the same.


Getting started......

Can you use the windows in the picture as a starting point?
What size window will you try next?  
How will you remember what you have found out so far?

English - Transition to Year 7 


Yesterday you hopefully started planning your letter to your new school.  Use today to start and/or finish your letter. Take a photo and email it to me at 

I would love to see some of your work! 


Remember this letter will want to be personal but still keeping a formal tone to make a good impression - neat handwriting would also be a good idea so your new tutor sees your best work! 


Reading Comprehension - Music Box

PSHE - setting a goal 


Watch this interview with Paralympic gold medallist Helena Lucas. In this interview it talks about the dedication needed to be a successful sportsperson. Set yourself a goal to work on every day for the next week. You could create a poster outlining your goal and the steps you will take each day to work towards it. 


Transition to Year 7 


Travelling to and from secondary school requires careful planning and organisation.

Talk with your parents about how you will get to and from your new school.

Will you walk or ride your bicycle? Take the bus? Or travel in the car?

Following this, plan your journey to school and your journey home from school. 

What time will you need to leave the house to arrive at school on time?

Which route will you take?

Will you meet any friends en route?

Do you need to take anything with you e.g. a bus pass or a bicycle helmet?

These websites may help: Google Maps, Think!




Watch these videos about mapping the world, latitude and longitude. 


Test your knowledge at the end of each video to see what you have learnt! 


Did you know this is how the world is mapped?

Time Zones are very interesting - do you know anyone who lives in a different time zone?

You can watch all 5 videos and try the tests on Geography Skills.