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Year 2 Home Learning Work for Thursday 30th April


Practise your mental maths skills on Hit the Button for 1o minutes - choose your own challenges. 

Watch the video for today's lesson: Problem solving.


Complete today's worksheet.

(answers are available on the White Rose website)


Practise your spellings (look-say-cover-write-check) for 10 minutes. 

Look at Monday's home learning page to fins this week's spelling list.

Choose a book to read from the Collins Connect website.

Click on the teacher sign in and use:

Username:   Password: Parents20!

Writing task: Write about what happened yesterday. What did you do? Did you do doing any activities? What did you eat? How did you feel? Make sure you include some adjectives and interesting description!


This week, we are looking at the similarities and differences between adults and their offspring. 

Have a look at the document attached below and try to match the animal baby to their parent. 

Questions to discuss:

  • What do you notice about the babies and adults?
  • Look at one pair at a time - what are the differences and similarities?
  • Does anything surprise you?
  • Why do some babies look different to their parents?
  • What is it like for humans - how are children similar/different to their parents?