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Yesterday's solution - Enigma

Morning Challenge



Go to White Rose Home Learning Maths Year 6 for today's video on Calculating Ratio 

Year 6 - Week 10 - Lesson 2 - Calculating ratio

This is "Year 6 - Week 10 - Lesson 2 - Calculating ratio" by White Rose Maths on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

Today you will need pages 3 and 10 of the booklet to complete the story.  You will be finishing your story tomorrow too so take your time and make it the best it can be. Send me an email of your short story and don't forget punctuation and lots of time connectives. 

Collective Worship - The iSingPOP Show Episode 4

Calling all Popstars! Welcome to the iSingPOP Show Episode 4. Join us every Friday at 11.30am for a show packed full of energy, laughter and dancing. In this...

Science - The Spectrum of Light 


This lesson will be hard for you to achieve at home unless you have a prism! I have found some videos instead if you cannot achieve the outcomes. 

If this hot weather continues, you might be able to make a rainbow using the garden hose. Every night I water my garden, I know the exact place where I can spray the water and the sunlight splits the light into the spectrum. Have a go! - Dispersion of Light 

What Colour Is Light?

What colour do you believe light to be?

Isaac Newton:

Look at who Isaac Newton was, using the Lesson Presentation, and find out what his investigation using a prism to alter a ray of light was.

Prisms: Explain what a prism is using the Lesson Presentation. Recall your earlier work on refraction, and explain that a prism refracts light, causing it to bend.

Use a torch to shine a ray of light through a prism, holding a piece of white card in front of the refracted ray of light as it leaves the prism. You should see the light ray split into the colours of the spectrum. If you cannot do this, watch the video above and you will see what happens the light. 

Art - Waterstones book characters 


Waterstones in Cheltenham are asking children to bring them pictures of their favourite book characters.