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Year 2 Home Learning Work for Friday 12th June


Work on Doodle Maths for 15 minutes. 

Practise adding two 2-digit numbers together using the method that we learnt in school. 

See picture below for the method to work out 35 + 27.


Try these:

1)  42 + 19 =                   2) 67 + 26 =                      3) 58 + 25 =



4) 13 + 49 =                   5) 27 + 55 =                       6) 18 + 73 = 


Have a go at this "Move it!" Maths challenge. 




Spelling: Practise your spellings (look-say-cover-write-check) for 10 minutes. 

Look at Monday's home learning page to find this week's spelling list. 

Ask somebody to test you on this week's spellings.

Reading: Go to the Oxford Owl website and click on the pink "My class login" button.

Enter these login details:

Class name: peregrine_class

Class password: year2

Choose a book to read from the ebook shelf! You can choose your reading phase (the same as you read at school).

Writing: Read through the Friday writing booklet (the first page is like a contents page with a brief overview of each activity). Complete as many of the activities as you wish.


Log on to the Real Pe website using these details:


Password: christchur

Choose one (or more!) of the afternoon or evening activities from the homepage.

*make sure that you use the link below

Alternatively, you could pick your own physical activity to do. You could make up some exercises to raise your heart rate or you could go for a walk/run/cycle with your family. You might like to do one of Oti Mabuse's dance classes on her YouTube channel!
There are lots of different activities to try on the "Youth Sport Trust" website.