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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3 

2023 - 2024

Teacher: Mrs Kirby

Teaching partner: Mrs Allen


We are very excited to begin our Year 3 journey with you.

Please click on the links below to keep up to date with our fantastic learning each term. Within each sub-page, you will find relevant letters, knowledge organisers, topic overviews and photographs.



2022 - 2023




Welcome to Year 3


Mrs Burton and Miss Devoy - Class Teachers

Mrs Allen and Miss Freer - Teaching Partners

We aim for all pupils to believe in themselves.....and reach for the stars!

Year 3 Timetable

Please click on link for current term to view class letters, photos and our learning in Year 3.

PE Days 2021 - 2022


PE this term will be on Tuesdays and Fridays. However it is important that your child has their PE kit in school everyday as there may be times when we need to change our timetable. 


PE kit is part of our school uniform and should include:

  • White T Shirt
  • Navy Shorts or Skort
  • Navy Tracksuit Bottoms
  • Navy Sweatshirt/Hoodie 
  • Trainers/Pumps



Homework will focus on reading, spellings and times tables as these are key areas which underpin so many other areas of learning. 


Spellings - these will be sent home on a Monday for testing the following Friday.

Reading - children must read to an adult at least 4 x each week and record this in their reading diaries. We will check diaries and award house points to recognise their efforts.

Times Tables - children should aim to complete 5 minutes on Times Tables Rock Stars at least 4 x each week. This will really help with improving their quick recall skills.

Click on each term’s sub page for this year’s learning and photos - 2021 - 2022.

DT Week 28 th June We have been designing and making Sensational Sandals in Year 3.

Race for Life - 1 st July 2021 Year 3 smashed their 4K ! 😃 so did our lovely Miss Long 🥰

Maths Day - 11th June 2021 Year 3 completed a Jelly Bean investigation and learnt about Tesselations.

Arts Week - 25th May 2021 Year 3 designed wallpaper and printed on fabric, in the style of William Morris,

Eco Week April 2021 - This week Year 3s have researched how to protect The Great Barrier Reef and have gone on an amazing underwater adventure!

Shakespeare Week 15th March 2021. Year 3 re enacted some famous scenes.

Science Week 8th March 2021

A taste of our Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets World Book Day - 4th March 2021

Christmas Dinner 2020

Welcome to Year 3

Still image for this video
A tour of our learning so far .

Beautiful art work using watercolours when painting a globe.

Focused partner work in gymnastics.

Fantastic Virtual trips and tours for you to visit ....maybe on a wet afternoon.

Doodle Maths Summer Challenge!

It would be great to see lots of you Doodling over the summer holiday. It will help you to practise your maths, as well as being fun! Have a look at the link below to learn more about the challenge. 


Summer Learning - for any of those who would like a few activities to keep you ticking over or to see how well you have done this year, here are a few end of year 3 booklets. See how many questions you get right and the areas you may need a bit of help withy, in year 4.

June's Fabulous Learning Wall continues to grow - well done Alex on making a great start on his angles work and measuring lines plus designing a troll, Ruby has been learning about childhood in Victorian times along with describing a tiger, Jeremy has been writing a description of a potion, Ned has been drawing and describing trolls whilst Finlay has been mastering his Doodle Tables !

Those of us in school have been trying to stay cool with some calm drawing. We started by learning how to draw a minion before learning how to draw a cartoon tent. We then combined our skills and sent our minions camping!

June's Fabulous Learning Wall - Ruby, Charlie O' and Leo P have all been busy designing their own amazing jungles, whilst Ned has written a very descriptive Jungle Poem, created his own Jungle Beast and written a Jungle Log all about his adventures..Rainbows 2 Key Worker children wanted to 'naturally' say thank you to our amazing NHS workers.

Don't forget to email me any of the work you have completed and feel proud of and I will display it on our class page -

Doodle News Flash - 5/6/20.  Top Doodle Maths Stars this week are Charlie H, Finlay, Harry, Finlay, Ned, Charlie O', Miles, Cayley, Zelie and Lara G.

Top Doodle Tables Stars are Cayley, Finlay, Harry, Zelie, Ryan and Leo P.

Charlie O' has made a fantastic start on our new geography enquiry, Finlay has hatched a butterfly and is flying high with his maths, Leo L has become a printing wizard and Leo P has grown green fingers and hoping for a super crop of potatoes. Millie has researched Spain and Zelie has been learning about our bones . Ned has designed a fantastic, informative poster on mental health as well as written a story in the style of Taking Flight and Rory has completed some super comprehension work - keep the work pics rolling in Year 3 !

Mrs Burton wishes you a Happy VE Day, Zelie is 'Digging for Victory' and Ameilia is returning home after being evacuated !

VE Day work is starting to flood in...Elsie's decorations and Flo's Churchill Speech. Keep sending pics Year 3 and enjoy your celebrations !

Hope you enjoyed our trip to the Arctic, Year 3. Another live shout out from Mrs Burton and my question on polar bears read out ! Lovely to see many of your messages and 'Hello's smiley. Keep up the good work and don't forget to send me any work or photos. I will reply to them all.

Doodle Maths Champions again, Year 3 ! This week (27/4/20) we have achieved 58% of the class on Target.

Special Doodle Maths Shout Out to - Miles 179*  Ryan 166*   Lara G 132*  Phoebe  108*

and Zelie  102 *

Special Doodle Tables Shout Out to -  Zelie  208 *  Ryan  193*  Anna-Kate  120*  Harry  102* 

and  Sam 82 *

Granny Magic Kahoot Quiz Results

Amazing live lesson - hope you heard the  Live Shout out from Mrs Burton - we are famous now ! Nature, I saw your lovely live Hello, Dougie, Otto and Hugo were mentioned too, not sure whether the 'Ava Gymnast'  was our Ava? Know Amelia was watching too!

Email me any follow up work you do and will put your photos on our class page.


Fabulous Doodle  Maths,  Year 3 - this week's winners, with 61% of class in green zone smiley  

Darwin around the World Kahoot Challenge , just added for you too blush.

Challenge pin - 02619248

See below for Granny Magic Kahoot details.



Granny Magic Kahoot Quiz - download the Kahoot app onto ipads/tablets and use challenge pin - 01203661



You have until Fri 24th April 8pm to complete.

Hoping you all have a super Easter Break, Year 3. Well done for all your hard work these past 2 weeks. Below are 2 photographs of how we have decorated our Easter Tree and prepared for the arrival of the Easter bunny. You are such a creative lot, why don't you try some of these fun, Easter activities on the sheet. Email me any that you have attempted, Connie and I would love to see them.

Mrs Burton x

Doodle Results are in, for the past 2 weeks of hard work!

Well done to all Doodlers this week - a special shout out to

Doodle Maths Stars - Cayley, Finlay, Flo, Harry, Lara G, Leo P, Miles, Ned, Ruby, Jeremy, Phoebe and Zelie.

Doodle Tables Stars - Cayley, Lara Rose, Sam and Zelie .....but the Certificates of the week go to - 

Poppie Mae and Amelia - top Maths score, girls with 254 and 238 stars 

Harry and Edward - top Tables scores, boys with 188 and 165 stars.

Keep going EVERYONE - lets see what our scores reach next time !

2nd April 2020

Poetry Challenge - This is a seascape which hangs at the top of my stairs. I love it because it is a painting of one of my FAVOURITE PLACES to go . I wonder how many of you can guess where it is? I would love you to write me a poem about this painting. It could be an acrostic poem (which spells a word or phrase, vertically down the page), it could be a descriptive poem, using similes  ( eg as swift as an eagle) and  alliteration (eg the shells settle on the shingles of the shore) or, for those who want to make it rhyme, it could be a poem using rhyming couplets (where 2 lines of your poem rhyme).

Have a go ! Send me your wonderful, seascape poems to - by Sunday 19th April and I will announce our poets of the week ! Don't forget to guess where it is smiley

The good thing about this time is that people are being so creative, even with their sandwiches .  Here is an art quiz for you and your family to do. Can you research and name the famous paintings depicted on these sarnies, along with the famous artists. Maybe you too can create a masterpiece using a slice of bread and some cut up food,  …..after your tables and spellings practice, of course ! smiley

As more exciting resources are made available for free, I will keep updating our class page.

The link below has some Fab, Fun Football activities - see the Football Fun Activity Pack, along with a super Poetry Challenge for you budding poets.

Hello Year 3, hope you have had a good week and enjoyed completing our week's learning . Here is Week 2 - keep up the good work. See below for extra times tables practice etc.

Mrs Burton x


Congratulations to Year 3 Woop ! Woop

Based on the last seven days, you are Christ Church Church of England Primary School (Cheltenham) Trust’s top Doodling class, with 39% of students on target in the green zone!*

Keep up the good work, class !  I will be uploading next week's Learning Activities this space !

The theme for next week's window art is sunshine , after the rainbow is sunshine smiley.

Missing you all ! 

Stay safe, 

Mrs Burton x 

Home Learning Week 1 (beginning 23rd March 2020)

This document outlines the plan for the week. Choose from the suggested learning activities, many of which the children are familiar with and can guide you with smiley.

Have fun learning.

Please email me if you have particular problems via

See Wk 1 document below, along with the websites outlined on the Parents - Home Learning page.

Welcome to the Spring Term 2020

This term our enquiry questions have a geography focus: 

Where in the world did Darwin sail?


What are the Galapagos Islands Like? 

After a super lesson on Noah and the Ark, Year 3 are becoming experts in hand washing and staying safe before and after break .
STEM Week - Year 3 learnt all about how to program blue bots to move in different directions and turn in order to reach a variety of locations. We linked this to our topic work and learning the points of a compass.
A fabulous trip to Waitrose Cookery School to learn how to prepare delicious fish cakes - 4th February.

PGCE History students led an exciting Roman Challenge afternoon on 14/1/20. We had to act as spies and gather clues in order to find out all about a Roman town.

Autumn Term History Knowledge Organiser

Autumn Term Science Knowledge Organiser

Roman Banquet day - the class enjoyed sampling “stuffed doormice “ and a selection of Italian meats, olives , grapes, tomatoes, bread , cheeses and “wine”.

We, slaves served them !

We loved seeing Anita again and the new Life Education tent - Year 3 focus : The Brain and how it works 5th November 2019

Rocks and Soils Investigation

Year 3 Sketchbooks- Cave Paintings