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Have a go at this rounding rockets game online.  

Go to White Rose Maths Summer Term 5 Week 3 - Lesson 2 



Today have a go at Activity 9 – Plan a portal story

You will need pages 12-13. 


This week's spellings are committee,  communicate, community, competition, equip,  equipped,  equipment,  especially, exaggerate, excellent,  lightning, thorough, recommend. 

Choose three to create a sentence for. Tell someone your sentence.  




Lesson 2 – To explore crime and punishment in the Roman period.  Use the Slideshow below to look at Roman crime and punishment.


Can you remember when the Roman period was? Look through

the slides explaining when the Romans lived and when they came to Britain. Show children the map of the Roman Empire when it was at its greatest extent.

• By the time the Romans got to Britain, they had already developed a very detailed legal

process. Citizens were covered by Roman law while non-citizens (most of the population) were covered by local law. Look at the process of catching and trying a criminal and some of the main punishments. In practice, this meant that many crimes went unpunished, so people also asked for divine help. Look at the curse tablets from Bath.

• The Roman system of law has had a huge influence on the modern practice of law.


Activity 1

Draw a Roman Crime Scene Storyboard. 


Activity 2 (if you have clay at home) 

Make a Roman Curse Tablet from clay or you could draw one!

If you have clay at home, create your own curse tablets using air-drying clay and sticks. Make a Latin name for an imaginary friend, decide on an appropriate Roman crime and ask one of the Roman gods to do something nasty to the perpetrator. Use the Help Sheet for ideas.