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Summer Term 2024

Year 4 greatly enjoyed Sports Day .

As a school we voted for Humility as our 6th Value. Children thought deeply about this and produced thoughtful and reflective images to portray its meaning.

Year 4s were excited to see the Book 📚 Fair and view the assortment of new books available

Whole School Art Project - Clay Fish 🐠 🐟 Relief Mural

DT project - Design and construct a moving 🚗 vehicle.

Space Dome and Cheltenham Science Festival June 2024

Prayer Space 2024

Year 4 had a wonderful activity day - studying habitats and pond dipping at Robinswood Hill.

Year 4 residential 🌳 - Day 1 arrival and fun outside 😎

Residential Day 2 A sunny morning ☀️

Residential Day 2 - The Hike 🥾 ....over three miles up and around the Wye Valley!

Residential Day 2 Evening camp fire 🔥 and songs 🎶