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Welcome to Year 6. Please click on Autumn 2020 to see our up-to-date work and activities we have enjoyed this year so far. Our class Padlet is also a great way to see our learning if you click the link below. 

Mrs Proctor 

Year 6 Padlet - a place to share and celebrate


Year 6 Padlet - Summer Term 2020

Summer Reading Challenge - The Silly Squad

Click on the picture to sign up for this year's reading challenge! 

DoodleMaths update!

Congratulations to Egor who has reached a 100 day streak! Amazing! Keep it up!

Rafa has taken part in this Virtual Orchestra - you can see him 2.10-2.13 mins in. Well done Rafa! 

Jess Gillam - Let It Be - Virtual Scratch Orchestra

Stay in touch! Sign up to Jess' newsletter: The Jess Gillam Virtual Scratch Orchestra perform Let It Be by The Beatles. The ...

Week 2 

DoodleMaths update

Well done to Michal, Egor, Katy and Thomas who are on track. 

These pupils are on track....Max, Ellis and Chisomo! We have just 13% of the class on target so keep going Year 6 - we can do this! 

DoodleTables update 

Well done Albie, Charlie, Egor, Ellis, Henry Pi, Rafa, Michal who are on target. 

Katy and Chisomo are almost in the green zone. 

ReadTheory update 

Well done to Rafa, Henry Po, Max, Brendan, Charlie, Michal and Mikolaj who have logged on in the last 7 days! 

STEM Opportunities this term....

We have received an email from Paul Treble our local STEM Ambassador who organised the Fan Boats DT Project Year 6 did back in September. He is running free Zoom STEM sessions each week. If your child is interested in this, please contact him on 

Please note: this is an event not run by school and parent supervision would be required. 




Cheltenham Science Festival

Cheltenham Science Festival is offering an online programme of events this year - click on the link below to see details that might interest you! 

Year 6 Emergency Loo Roll Challenge!

Y6 Loo Roll Video.m4v

Still image for this video

Week 5 DoodleMaths and ReadTheory update

In the last 7 days....

DoodleMaths 23% of Year 6 on target and as a class we have earned 865 stars. 

DoodleTables 42% of Year 6 on target and as a class we have earned the highest number of stars at 1590! 



SO impressed with how many of you are logging on doing these quizzes!  We have completed 1402 quizzes as a class - wow! 

Big shout out to Michal and Mikolaj especially who have done over 100 quizzes! 30/31 pupils in the class logged on. 


Monday 11th May 

"Just Remember" - a poem for Year 6


Just remember your times tables, we said, you need to know them all,

Breakfast is a must for you to grow big, strong and tall,

Adjective, adverbs, and use the correct tense, you’ll need it when you write,

As each and every one of you tried with all your might,

And learn those spellings too, we groaned, each and every rule,

They won’t treat you like this, we moaned, or be as understanding at high school.

“Where’s your homework again?” we screamed. “You won’t get away with this!”

“You’ve given us too much already and now I’m stressed out, Miss!”

“We’ve made mistakes and learned so much and ready to try our best,

But Miss, it’s unfair, we’ve worked or socks off, and now they’ve cancelled our test!”


Just remember my little ones, you’ve made us very proud,

But forget the learning, your personalities will stand out from the crowd,

Just remember you never gave up when it seemed so far from the start,

You learned as much as you possibly could and really did play your part.

Just remember what you’ve achieved and who you’ve become now,

Stand in front of your family, proud, and tell them to clap as you bow,

Just remember my Year 6s, what matters is you’re safe and well,

And one day, this insane story, you’ll be able to share and tell,

And one last thing, we do miss you, but sure we’ll see you before school’s end,

Just remember: look after each other, love, and be kind to all family and each and every friend.


From Mrs Proctor

Friday 8th May - BANK HOLIDAY 

Have a go at Mr Searle's WW2 Kahoot quiz to check what you remember from your learning last year. 

You have until Sunday 10th May 12.00 midday to complete the Kahoot. Please use your name so I can post results. 

Game PIN: 05070775   or click

The Results are in.....

1st Place - Liverpool, 2nd Place - Rafalafel, 3rd Place  CreepTW and well done to Patrick, Henry, Katy, Lewis, Chisomo and Tom who also took part! 

ReadTheory update

As a class we have completed 1285 quizzes in total! 88 quizzes were completed this last week so well done to Mikolaj, Brendan, Rafa, Max, Michael and Michal for logging on this week to complete quizzes. Keep it up! 

DoodleMaths Update

DoodleMaths 39% of Year 6 on target. Well done to Aiden, Albie, Bailey, Egor, Ellis, Henry Po, Henry Pi, Katy, Lewis, Max, Michael, Michal, Rafa, Thomas and Zac. We have 1648 stars as a class in third place this week. 

DoodleTables 35% of Year 6 on target. Well done to Aiden, Albie, CHarlie, Egor, Elbie, Ellis, Henry Pi, Katy, Lewis, Michal and Rafa. We have 2161 stars in first place this week. 


Thursday 6th May - Crack the code

Wednesday 6th May - Move More Exercise Challenge begins

Tuesday 5th May - Find the 10 Differences

Monday 4th May - Brain Teaser - Say the colour of each word (don't read the word)

Friday 1st May - A palindrome challenge 

A palindrome is a word, phrase of sequence of characters which read the same backward as forward e.g. madam, kayak, racecar. 

You also get number palindromes e.g. 11/11/11 or 02/02/2020. Sentence length palindromes may be written when allowances are made for adjustments to capital letters, punctuation and word dividers e.g. "A man, a plan, a canal, Panama!" 

Can you think of any palindromes or sentence length ones? 


Thursday 30th April - "The London Eye Mystery" by Siobhan Dowd.

"The London Eye Mystery" Synopsis

When Ted and Kat watched their cousin Salim get on board the London Eye, he turned and waved before getting on. But after half an hour it landed and everyone trooped off - and no Salim. Where could he have gone? How on earth could he have disappeared into thin air?

Read the first two chapters above for free....


Who do you think Salim is? How do you think Kat and Ted felt when he disappeared? Why do you think the author starts with this part of the story? What do you know about Ted so far? Have you noticed something about the chapter titles and a theme emerging?

I guarantee you won't want to put this book down! Mrs Proctor 

London Eye.mp4

Still image for this video

Wednesday 29th April - How many cubes are missing to build a full cube? Answer: 45 as hopefully you noticed the top row is missing.

DoodleMaths Update

This week we have 42% of the class on track and in total 1174 stars have been collected - keep up the good work! 

Tuesday 28th April


FREE live online ASTRONAUT TALK followed by audience Q&A with NASA Astronaut Nicole Stott πŸ‘¨‍πŸš€πŸŒŽπŸš€
2pm, Tuesday 28th April 2020. πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ UK (BST).

Watch Live Online:

Nicole flew the NASA Space Shuttle to the International Space Station & also performed a Spacewalk. She is an πŸŽ¨artist; the first person to paint in space. Her talk "Painting the perfect planet" combines her spaceflight experience with her love for art.


Monday 27th April  - Escape Room 

Why not visit this Escape Room website and as a family try the free Global Gateway one? 

Let me know how it goes....they are designed for ages 8-14. 

Good luck! 

Friday 24th April - Emoji Children's Book Challenge with answers

Can you work out the different children's books above from the emojis? I will post the answers on Monday but if you want to send me your thoughts, please email. Good luck and have a wonderful weekend! Mrs Proctor 

Thursday 23rd April - St George's Day Quiz on Kahoot 

Happy St George's Day! You might want to read up about him before playing the quiz. 

When playing the quiz, remember to use part of your name so I can celebrate results. This quiz is live until Friday 24th April 9.00pm. 

Click on the picture for information on St George. 

RESULTS - 1. Max, 2. Rafa then 3. Aiden and well done to Karina, Brendan, Tom, Patrick, Lewis who also played! 

Game Pin:  03260527

or click the link


Good luck! 

DoodleMaths update - we are the lowest class! Well done to Rafa, Michal, Aiden, Katy, Lewis, Tom, Egor, Chisomo for keeping on target!

Wednesday 22nd April 2020 - Earth Day 50th Anniversary

Earth video.mp4

Still image for this video

The mystery objects were in fact baleen plates from a Minke Whale. 


I had many entries including bull ears, horn, shells, plants, brush, hairy stones, corn husk and Mr Searle thought it was tufts from the ears of a leprechaun but Rafa and Henry Pic worked it out and guessed correctly when they realised it was made from keratin!   Well done! 


A baleen is a row of a large number of keratin plates attached to the upper jaw with a composition similar to those in human hair or fingernails. These plates are triangular in section with the largest, inward-facing side bearing fine hairs forming a filtering mat.


When I was 8 years old in 1992, my father received a phonecall to say a large whale had washed up on Portstewart Strand, just a few miles down the coast from Portrush where we lived. He is an expert in cetaceans (whales, dolphins and porpoises). Adults thought it was a Fin Whale but it was me, age 8, who helped identify the white bands on the fins that made it a Minke Whale. It had washed up dead on the beach and many people came to see it. As with dead animals, the gases inside cause bloating after time which you can see in one photo. It was decided that my father along with a few other experts would perform a post mortem to see how it died. I will never forget the stench on my dad when he returned home - we hosed him down in the garden! It was taken away to Garvagh Dump for burial and so that is how we came to own a few pieces of baleen from its mouth. The night before it was taken away, someone cut off its tail which is sad but it means the museums will have a very large full size minke whale skeleton to dig up in the future. 

I have since seen many Minke whales when sailing between Ireland and the Inner Hebrides and in fact, when in Iceland, I am sad to say, I did taste a Minke whale steak which was delicious and like red meat - remember whales are mammals, not fish. 

Here is more information on Minke Whales.


Tuesday 21st April - Mystery Object - What do you think these are?

Monday 20th April - Stargazing and Satellites 

Satellites launched by the SpaceX company under Elon Musk's Starlink project are being spotted over the UK.  There were clear skies last night and they are expected to be visible over the UK from around 10.00pm tonight 20/4/2020.  Hopefully we have clear skies tonight! 


They have been described as UFO-like from people who viewed them last night. Someone said it looked like Star Wars!  Mr Musk's SpaceX business has been launching the satellites in batches of 60 since last May, with a total of 300 having been fired into the sky so far. However, the numbers are expected to ramp up rapidly.  The company has US approval to launch 12,000 satellites, and is hoping to do so by the mid-2020s. Last year, it filed paperwork to launch an extra 30,000 Starlink satellites. The plan is ultimately to create an orbiting network which can provide global internet coverage.


Apparently, the string will be flying over head tonight at about 10pm. Look south for the bright star and you’ll eventually see them all flying over one after the other in a straight line.

The three white lines were some of the satellites. 

See a satellite tonight.......

Good luck! 

Happy Easter from Mrs Proctor

Still image for this video
I hope you are enjoying your Easter Holidays and the Easter Bunny visits you all. Mrs Proctor

Easter Holiday Kahoot Quizzes 


Here are two more Easter Kahoot Quizzes for you to be completed by Friday 10th April 21.00. 


Easter Fun Quiz 

Pin: 0323044


Easter Holy Week Quiz 

Pin: 0508450


IMPORTANT - this time please use your own name as part of the nickname -I didn't know who everyone was last time and it would be nice to share the top 5 high scorers. 


The RESULTS are in.....congratulations to Rafa, Patrick, Chisomo and Lewis who took part! 

Maybe your parents could give you an "egg-stra" treat today! 

Easter Fun Quiz (1 - Rafa scored 6110, 2 - Patrick scored 5596, 3 - Lewis scored 2797, 4 - Chisomo scored 2306)

Easter Holy Week Quiz (1 - Rafa scored 14806, 2 - Lewis scored 7048, 3 - Chisomo scored 2625, 4 - Patrick scored 1960) 

Well done boys! 


Home Learning Week 2 (beginning 30th March 2020)

DoodleMaths Challenge - 48% of Y6 are doodling - well done to Aiden, Charlie, Ashley, Egor, Katy, Karina, Chisomo, Ellis, Rafa, Michal, Reece and Lewis!

Week 2 - Friday - Jigsaws.....have you got a jigsaw you haven't made in a while?

Week 2 - Thursday - KAHOOT QUIZ on Ancient Greece - Game Pin is 0600005

Still image for this video
You have until Friday 3rd April until 18.00 to complete the quiz online. Tell your friends and let's see how many will join in. You need the free KAHOOT App on a device or use this link
Please use a nickname so I can identify you - e.g. PoppyROCKS!
Good luck and have fun - I will post results after the game closes. Hope you liked your April Fool. Mrs Proctor
UPDATE - Well done to everyone who took part - looks like 26 people joined in - I can't share results as the top 5 didn't use part of their name in their "Nickname" so I have no idea who won! Next time - please use part of your name thanks.

Week 2 - Wednesday - Maths Quiz - APRIL FOOL!

Still image for this video
I have been busy making Kahoot Quizzes for our class to play after Easter but have a go at this Maths Quiz in the meantime....enjoy!

Week 2 - Tuesday - "Draw with Rob" - join Rob Biddulph on YouTube for a draw-a-long session

Week 2 - Monday - Arithmequiz

Still image for this video

Week 1 - Friday - Class Reader - "Wonder" by R.J. Palacio

Still image for this video

Week 1 - Thursday - Class Reader - "Wonder" by RJ Palacio each day 4.00pm on Twitter. If you don't have an account use

Week 1 - Wednesday - Hello Year 6 from Mrs Proctor!

Still image for this video

What did the Ancient Greeks ever do for us?

Spring Term 

This unit of work focuses on Ancient Greece and their legacies: government systems, culture and art and science and technology.  Children will learn important historical skills of analysing evidence, using timelines as well as hypothesising, justifying and evaluating their ideas. They will make comparisons, study artefacts to inform decisions, explore the achievement and influences on Ancient Greek life.


Welcome to Year 6 

Mrs Proctor 

"Is it too late to save the rainforest?" 

Autumn Term 

Photo courtesy of 

This term we will be exploring South America in particular looking at the Amazon Rainforest

and its importance globally. We will also do a river study finding out the effects rivers can have on their environment. 


Year 6 2019-2020 Long Term Plan

Carol Singing at Sandfields Care Home

Police e-Safety Visit

Cheltenham Literature Festival - Teddy Keen "The Lost Book of Adventure"

Year 6 Book Club

Exploring the hidden den...

iPad Music Sessions - garage band

Summer Term - Topic Web - A Life of Crime

Summer Term - Welcome Letter to Parents - A Life of Crime

CD Recording Day

Everyman Theatre Author Visit - Reading Teachers=Reading Pupils

Mock Trial Competition 2019

NHS Hygiene Session

Leavers Service at Gloucester Cathedral

Year 6 SATS Meeting for Parents 2019