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Today you would have been doing your last Maths SATs paper - have a go at this Silly Reasoning Test. 


Morning Challenge - yesterday's solution


9 letter word: signature 

Lots of other words include: gnu, strange, stern, range, saturn, great! 

Morning Challenge! Complete the crossword....



Go to White Rose Maths Home Learning -  you are completing Lesson 4 - Fractions of an Amount 




Have a go at a Free Game on this website - Spellzone 

1. Start with the grammar – Sentence Forms. Follow the instructions.

2. Complete Apostrophes activities. Follow the instructions.

3. Start by reading the extracts from Chapter 10. Answer questions on the extracts you choose to look at. 

Science - Kahoot Quiz 


You have an Electricity Quiz to complete by tomorrow midday. Tell your friends! Remember to use your normal name so I know who wins! 

Game PIN: 02535251    or click