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Morning Challenge - yesterday's solution - there are 3 possible is one!

Morning Challenge



A revision session today on co-ordinates in the four quadrants.  This video will remind you of the x and y axis.

Year 6 - Week 10 - Lesson 2 - Four quadrants

A revision session on the Four Quadrants.

You will need page 12 today and your planning sheet and picture. 


Activity 10 - Write your monster report 


To help you with your writing, you have lots of different things to help you:
✓ The original text about monsters
✓ The toolkit for reporting information
✓ Your ideas page
✓ Your diagram
✓ The vocabulary we learned from the model
✓ And most importantly, your plan

Draft your ideas on one piece of paper and edit it so you really like the words
you have chosen. Read it through again to check spelling and punctuation and
then write your final draft.

Draw with Rob 

Have a go at drawing the gorilla today!  Share your photos of the finished picture.


Zac has kindly donated Evernight to the Y6 reading wall for my next class to enjoy.  Check out Ross Mackenzie's "Evernight" book here and watch the videos on Authorfy - he has set some nice tasks for you to complete or you can watch him talk about his latest book. 

Transition to Y7

Music - BBC Ten Pieces


Go the BBC Ten Pieces and check out their home learning activities. Choose one to have a go at! 

We did the turntable one in school last week which was a bit different!

Music - The Music Works 

Remember using Garage Band in the autumn? The MusicWorks were the company who delivered the sessions. 

Check out their website if you're interested in taking part in their projects.