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Maths lesson 2 sheets - subtraction crossing 10

Phonics - are making the air sound



Today listen to the story of 'The Highway Rat' using the link below.

The Highway Rat - Give Us A Story!

The Highway Rat runs the ''ighway', thieving as he pleases. That is until a clever duck gets the measure of him. But who will come out on top? A lovely reinv...

In the story, the Highway Rat steals from others around him.  Can you make a wanted poster for the Highway Rat, listing his name, what he looks like and his crimes?  You could use one of the templates below to help.



Log on to the Real PE website using these details:


Password: christchur

Choose one (or more!) of the activities from the homepage.

Mass diary entry 


This is something you might be interested in doing today.