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Summer term

Summer Term 1



Welcome Back!


We hope you have all had a lovely Easter break. We are looking forward to another brilliant term with your children. We are so pleased to announce that Mrs Parker has given birth to a bouncing baby girl over the Easter break. Both her and baby girl Parker are doing very well at home. Mrs Alexander has had a lovely first week in class and has enjoyed getting to know the children.

This term’s whole school value is ‘Compassion’, which we will learn more about in our class services, as well as in the classroom.

In Science we have been learning about Plants. We have been investigating the trees and flowers in our playground, have planted our own marigolds. We are learning about what plants need to grow. 

In Music we are learning the song ‘Your imagination’. We have been singing it, as well as ‘finding the beat’ using a variety of instruments. It has been great fun!

In RE we are learning about Judaism and the different festivals in the Jewish calendar. We had our own Passover celebration and tried Matzah. 

We learnt about the Jewish harvest festival of Sukkot. Sukkot means ‘hut’ and celebrates the story of survival from the Torah of the Jewish people in the wilderness when they were freed from slavery. During this festival Jewish people often build huts or ‘sukkahs’ symbolising the shelters built in the wilderness. We had so much fun building our own huts out of palm leaves and other natural materials. We also made our own version of the ‘four plants’ willow, palm, myrtle and lemon used to bless the ‘ sukkahs’ and symbolise the natural resources that helped the Jewish people survive.