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Welcome to our Year 5 class pages for 2023-2024


We are very excited for the term ahead and are looking forward to lots of exciting activities. Please keep checking our folders below for information and photographs of our learning journey through the year.

Welcome to our Year 5 class pages for 2022-2023


We are very excited for the term ahead and can't wait to start our learning. Keep checking our folders below to see all the exciting things we have been up to.

Home-Learning Summer 2020

Thurs 16th

Here are the latest pieces of work sent in. Priya has written a poem, done some painting, drawn her holiday suitcase and written about a favourite holiday destination in the UK. Isaac has also shared his poem and Lucas sent an email to Mrs Proctor.

Tues 14th

Here is Lucas' dream holiday view - keep dreaming Lucas!

Sat 27th

Lexie used the word NUMBERS for her acrostic poem.

Wed 24th

Dougie's colour by numbers is ready to colour in. Look at the detail he has put into his drawing - well done, Dougie!

Wed 24th

Here's George's Maths poem.

Wed 24th

George has a lot growing in his garden. He is particularly proud of his lettuce.

Wed 24th

Dhilon also decided on an acrostic poem. Read his document below:

Tues 23rd

Lucas has been busy. Here is his acrostic Maths poem and a colour by numbers, which he has turned into a competition for his family!

Tues 23rd

If you planted any seeds earlier in lockdown, I hope they’ve been growing well. Here are my beans - they’re at the top of the sticks now and we’ve got the first flowers. Also, the first tomatoes have appeared.

Mon 22nd

Here is Danni's Maths Poem - she went for an acrostic.

Sat 20th

Vlad has been busy this week - here are his alphabet sentences, some words beginning with unusual letters and some great 3D lettering - Well done, Vlad!

Thurs 18th

Here is Hannah's alphabet sentence - 26 words all in alphabetical order.

Wed 17th

Here is George's 3D lettering, which looks very effective. Hannah has had a go too.

Tues 16th

Isaac and Danni had a lot of fun creating these alphabet sentences:

Mon 15th

George spent a long time perfecting his illuminated letter. Lucas has worked hard on his too.

Sat 13th

Many thanks to the following children who have sent in questions for our children's book quiz. Look out for details of the quiz next week:








Sat 13th

Priya's mini book is full of colourful pictures:

The big book Priya found was full of fascinating facts:
Find out which Guiness World Records Priya would like to break by reading her list below:

Sat 13th

Added to the Shakespeare's Wooden Leg page today:

Lucas' synopsis

Lucas' artwork for a front cover

Priya's front cover

Thurs 11th

Lucas thinks fiction is better than non-fiction. Do you agree? Read his text below:

Thurs 11th

Otto found a really challenging book to read and made a list of tricky words.

Thurs 11th

Click on the link above to go to the Shakespeare's Wooden Leg page. Added today - George's artwork for a front cover.

Wed 10th

Here are the pages of George's mini book. He drew a black and white cartoon story inside.

Wed 10th

Which Guinness World Records would you like to have a go at? Here are Hannah's ideas:

Tues 9th

Mr Searle has broken the radius, the thicker of the two bones in the lower arm.

Tues 9th

Click on the link above to the Shakespeare's Wooden Leg page - added today:

Hannah's book review

Isaac's synopsis

Hannah's synopsis

Tues 9th

Hannah found a big book and learned some amazing facts from it.

Tues 9th

Priya's game, called Name Five Things, is all finished, complete with a very smart box. Well done for working so hard on it, Priya!

Mon 8th

Isaac managed to find a huge book about cooking. Read what he found out in it:

Sat 6th

Here are the highest scoring words using all seven letters from last week’s Scrabble challenge.

Fri 5th

Can you work out the Scanagrams that Lucas and George have sent in?

Fri 5th

Here are some completed board games.

Mon 1st June

George has already been busy with the board for his game - it's called Food Fantastic!

Sat 23rd

Freddie has completed an amazing painting of sea-life!

Fri 22nd

More unusual sports from Andrew:

And Lucas has written a commentary of teeth-cleaning plus a discussion text about sport behind closed doors:

Fri 22nd

Y5 review Mr Searle's story: Shakespeare's Wooden Leg:

Fri 22nd

Priya has finished her story and written a sports commentary about getting up!

Fri 22nd

Here are some lockdown sporting crazes:

George's Band Flicking

Still image for this video

Fri 22nd

More obstacle courses from Otto and George.

George's obstacle course

Still image for this video

Tues 19th

George has finished writing his story - it is 5 chapters long! Here are some photos:

Tues 19th

Look at Dhilon's slides (below) for his selection of unusual sports - some very weird ones there!

Tues 19th

More obstacle course fun. Here are some photos of Tilly's and a video of Matthieu's.

Setting a course record

Still image for this video

Mon 18th

Here is a video of Issac completing his assault course. He has been very creative with his choice of obstacles.

Obstacle Course

Still image for this video

Fri 15th

Bertie has baked a cake especially for all his friends in Year 5. He hopes you are all keeping well. Eat a piece 'virtually' today and think of the Christ Church school family. Think particularly of poor Jude, who has managed to break his arm during the lockdown! We're all sending you our best wishes, Jude.

Wed 13th


Wed 13th

An update on Dougie's fund-raising. He has managed to raise an amazing £1450 for his chosen charity CLAPA. That's a brilliant effort - well done, Dougie!

Wed 13th

A great example of a diagram about seed germination - well done, George. And Dougie planted sunflowers before Easter - they're growing well.

Mon 11th

A few unusual sights on my walk today. I was lucky enough to spot two woodpeckers visiting their nest-hole, the egret was back at the pond and that egg is enormous (the size of a small car!) - I'll let you know what hatches out of it in the next few weeks!

Here's the latest First News newspaper

Mon 11th

Year 5 have been busy cooking.

Sat 9th

Today's exercise took me to a different pond. It was full of life and I managed to take some photos of what we saw.

Friday 8th

Another successful upcycling project!

Friday 8th

VE-Day 75 Commemoration

I hope you did something special.

Thursday 7th

Here are two great examples of an endangered species slideshow.

Hugo's slideshow

Still image for this video

Matthieu's slideshow

Still image for this video

Wednesday 6th

Dougie has been Fund-raising

Well done to Dougie, who has had his head shaved for a charity that is very close to his heart (CLAPA). He has raised £450 so far - a brilliant effort. I have included a link to his Justgiving page below.

Wednesday 6th

You might like to keep track of your running/walking/cycling over the next few weeks. It would be interesting to see how far you move. Below is a document with details of a MOVE MORE challenge, which starts today!

Wednesday 6th

I hope you enjoyed yesterday's upcycling task. Below is a photo of Priya's pencil pots - a very practical idea and a document from George with a series of photos showing how he made a new planter for his garden - truly impressive work!

Wednesday 6th

The animal photos are still coming in - well done FreddieVlad and Hannah!

Friday 1st May

Animal Photographs

Thanks for sending me your great animal photos. I'm impressed with your photography skills - all the subjects are central, the photos are well framed and the focus is spot on. Hugo did well to capture a squirrel on the move and Lucas was lucky to spot a small common frog on the ground on his walk. Isaac's alpaca is very cute and lambs don't stay still for long, so Dhilon did well to capture those two. Lexie's swan is very elegant and the pet pics capture their characters very well: Mario looks playful, Andrew's dog looks energetic and Priya's budgie looks super intelligent.

Wednesday 29th April

Lucas also took part in yesterday's quiz - he did really well too, but used an odd username, which I didn't recognise. Thanks, Lucas.

Lucas' other news is that he has now raised £500 from his head shave - brilliant effort Lucas!

Tuesday 28th April

Today's Kahoot Quiz

Only 8 members of the class took part in the quiz about Shakespeare's Wooden Leg today - that's a bit disappointing. Where are the rest of the class?

Top 5:

Hannah    27,230 points





Well done also to Dhilon, Matthieu and Dougie.

Saturday 25th

Finally spotted an egret at my favourite pond today. Didn't have my camera with me, but had good views of this beautiful bird through the binoculars.


Species added to the lisst today:

Little Egret     House Martin

Had a goldfinch visiting in the garden today, too. He/she was right at the end of the garden, so I needed full zoom.

Well Done Lucas!

Lucas has had all his hair shaved off for charity - he's raising money for the NHS.

If you would like to donate, there is a link to his page below:

Friday 24th April

Mr Searle’s leaf dyeing from today’s live lesson

Thursday 23rd April


(That's William Shakespeare, not Shakespeare Smith!)

As a bit of fun, have a go at my little quiz below (you might also want to give it to an adult at home to see if they do better than you! I suggest you get them to correct the quotes that are wrong.)

Wednesday 22nd


Remember that the questions on the Maths worksheets get harder as you move on - just like our DoIt - Twist It - Deepen It in class, so don't be surprised if the last one or two prove challenging.

Question 7 on Tuesday's worksheet was a good example. My solution is below if you are still puzzling over it!

Tuesday 21st April

I managed to remember to take my camera on today's walk to Horsbere Brook, so have included some of my photos for you.

New species to add to the list:

Grey Heron     Little Grebe     Pied Wagtail     Rook     Coal Tit     Green Woodpecker (heard, but not seen)

FIRST NEWS - children's newspaper

Easter Monday

Another walk to Horsbere Brook, but we took a different route today, which was more wooded.


Species added to the list:

BIRDS:   Jackdaw     Greater Spotted Woodpecker     Willow Warbler


BUTTERFLIES:    Large White     Speckled Wood     Brimstone

Easter Day

I haven't seen the Easter Bunny this morning, but spotted this cheeky Easter Squirrel in the garden - I hope he hasn't found my eggs!

Egg juggling - 3 eggs!

Still image for this video

Egg juggling - 2 eggs

Still image for this video

Monday 6th April

Another local walk to Horsbere Brook today - it's becoming my favourite destination for my daily exercise.

Six new birds to add to the list:


Jay     Reed bunting     Kestrel     Swallow     Wren     Blackbird


I was particularly pleased to spot a reed bunting - I haven't seen one for quite a while. They are not garden birds, but you may be lucky enough to spot one amongst reeds by a pond or lake.


Also, 3 different butterfly species today:


Peacock     Comma     Orange Tip

Easter Activities for the next two weeks - some fun things for you to try over the Easter break.

HAPPY EASTER from Mr Searle!

Still image for this video

A Gloucester Walk - Bird-spotting

On Friday afternoon I went for a local walk in Gloucester to a small nature reserve called Horsbere Brook. I took my binoculars with me and managed to spot 20 different species:

Herring gull     Mute swan     Moorhen     Mallard     Magpie     Carrion crow     Chaffinch     Skylark     Coot     Wood pigeon

Great tit     Blue tit     Long-tailed tit     Goldfinch     House sparrow     Buzzard     Pheasant     Collared dove     Starling    



Nothing particularly special on that list - but egrets have been seen there - and even an otter!


See if you can get out and about on a local walk in the next fortnight and see what you can spot.