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Year 2 Home Learning Work for Tuesday 28th April


Practise telling the time throughout the day! What is the time now? 


Watch the video for today's lesson: Order lengths. 


Complete today's worksheet.

(answers are available on the White Rose website)


Practise your spellings (look-say-cover-write-check) for 10 minutes.

Look at Monday's home learning page to find this week's spelling list. 

Choose a book to to read aloud to an adult. Make sure you share ideas and discuss what is happening in the story. 
Choose a room in your house. Write sentences using adjectives to describe the room. Can you make this room sound really interesting? Can a member of your family work out which room you are describing? 


Investigating Mexico (make sure you have completed last week's geography activities before starting this!)

  • Discuss: What do you think Mexico is like? Have you or someone you know ever been on holiday to Mexico?Do you know anything about the culture?
  • Use atlases, information texts and the internet to find out more about Mexico (some useful websites linked below). 
  • Try to find a few facts or pictures for each section in the Word document below.