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Writing tasks each day for this week - Talk for Writing unit - The Stone Trolls.

I have already donated to Great Ormand Street Hospital, to use this lovely, 2 week  Home Learning Pack. Each day I have assigned tasks which I hope you will enjoy. Please avoid racing through them and concentrate on quality answers as we would in class. Do not worry if some tasks roll over to the next day but try to ensure all this week's tasks are completed, ready to start next week's tasks as we build up to writing our own story.


Monday -

1. Read together, the introduction to this booklet - pg 3 and 4.

2. Now listen to the story, using the link below.

3. Next, read together the story of The Stone Trolls - pg  5 and 6 

4. Complete the Vocabulary Sheet - pg 7



The Stone Trolls Teaching Booklet

White Rose Maths Task