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 Live Science Lesson Preparation -Meet an Arctic Scientist 

Today at 11.30am there is a Live Arctic Encounter Science lesson you can view online and take part in. 

Your chance to speak to a real Arctic research scientist and discuss their life and work to understand the Arctic habitat. You can submit your live.

Lesson steps

1. Introduction (5 mins) Students are introduced to the lesson and learning outcomes.
2. Arctic question generation (5 mins) Students use 360° images of the Arctic to help them formulate their own questions about what life is like living and working in the Arctic.
3. Arctic explorer questions (20 mins) Using de Bono’s six thinking hats, students construct their own questions.
4. What is the Arctic like? (10 mins)    Students are introduced to the weather conditions and animals that are found in the Arctic.
5. Why go to the Arctic? (5 mins) Students are introduced to two scientific researchers and learn why research in the Arctic is important.
6. Arctic researcher hunt (10 mins) Students identify where the Arctic researchers are on the map using navigational terms and four-figure
grid references.
7. Arctic Quiz (5 mins) Students complete a quiz testing their knowledge of the Arctic.


Have a look at these preparation materials. 


11.30am Live Science Lesson - How to survive in the Arctic 

How to survive in the Arctic with Nick Cox (AM)

Due to the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak, AXA Arctic Live 2020 live lessons will be delivered as a virtual event, with speakers joining from where they are, rather than from the UK's Arctic Research Station.

This live lesson broadcast from the Arctic explores what it is like to live above the Arctic Circle. Arctic research station leader Nick Cox will answer questions about his work at the UK's Arctic Research Station. 


Use Arithmequiz to practice your arithmetic questions. 


Go to White Rose Maths Home Learning Summer Week 3 Lesson 3. 


Today's activity is planning your portal story.

Go to pages 14-15 in the document.  

Choose a level to complete (1 star easiest - 3 star challenging) on this VE Day Reading Comprehension.