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Online Safety


As pupils move up through school their access to technology increases, therefore their exploration and curiosity increases too. The positives of the digital world overwhelmingly outweigh the negatives, however online content/communication can easily upset children or put them at risk. At Christ Church, we are educating children to recognise and demonstrate positive behaviour online.

At Christ Church C of E Primary school we follow the SMART Rules:

Our staying safe online tips


yes Search safely:

Use safe search engines such as or Safe search settings can also be activated on Google and other search engines as well as YouTube. You can find out more at


yesAgree boundaries:

Be clear what your child can and can’t do online – where they can use the internet, how much time they can spend online, the sites they can visit and the type of information they can share. Agree with your child when they can have a mobile phone or tablet.


yesExplore together:

The best way to find out what your child is doing online is to ask them to tell you about it. Have devices in a communal area so you can see what sites they’re visiting and share with them.


yesCheck if it’s suitable:

The age ratings that come with games, apps, films and social networks are a good guide to whether they’re suitable for your child. The minimum age limit is 13 for several social networking sites, including Facebook and Instagram.


yesPut yourself in control:

Make use of the parental controls on your home broadband and any internet-enabled devices. You can find out how at your broadband provider’s website or by visiting