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Today you would have completed your maths papers.  Have a go at this Silly SATs paper for Arithmetic.  You would have had 40 minutes for this test with 36 questions so aim for 25 minutes for these 15 questions. 

Answers are on the last slide. 

Morning Challenge! (and yesterday's solution)



Today's lesson on White Rose Maths Home Learning is about Dividing Fractions by Integers. 



Explore Authorfy - go to classroom and find an author you like or maybe click on one you don't know! Watch a few videos and try a masterclass. 

1. Start with the grammar – Delicious Noun Phrases

2. Complete the Modal Verbs activities. Follow the instructions.

3. Complete Relative Clauses Part A and Part B. Follow the instructions.

4. Now for some writing. Write a paragraph explaining which Hogwarts house you think you should be in. Use modal verbs, noun phrases and relative clauses.

R.E. - The Kingdom of God 


Watch this fun video about the Kingdom of God taught using sport, play and games. 



This term's value would be Creativity at school. Why not create something like this ? What is in your imagination? You might be able to create something on a tablet and send it to me if that's easier.