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It's hard to believe this would have been your End of Key Stage 2 or SATs Week so for a bit of fun, I have added Silly SATs Papers for you to complete each day. Monday would have been your Spelling and Grammar tests. 

1. Ask an adult to read the Spelling Script and have a go! This won't take longer than 15 minutes. 

2. I have completed the Grammar Paper for you to mark - you will definitely not need the 45 minutes! 

Have fun! 


Morning Challenge!



Go to White Rose Maths Home Learning for today's lesson on multiplying fractions by integers. 



Log into Read Theory today and complete some tasks - aim for 15 minutes. 

If you need your username/password, just email me on

1. Start by reading extracts when Hagrid first appears.  You don't need to do all three. Choose A, B or C if you prefer or challenge yourself. 


2. Writing task - write a Howler! 

Science - Circuits and Symbols 


Key/New Words: Bulb, battery, cell, wires, switch, motor, buzzer, scientific, informal, circuit, diagram.


Circuits: What is a circuit? What parts do all circuits contain? Can you draw a circuit which includes a bulb? Draw a circuit containing a bulb. 

Look at the PowerPoint to see a correct circuit diagram. How close is your drawing to this one? What did you miss out? Is there anything about this circuit diagram you don’t remember or understand?


Battery or Cell? You will be learning the scientific symbols for parts of a circuit in this lesson.  There are different drawings for ‘battery’ and ‘cell.'  What are the differences?


Scientific Circuit Symbols: Look at the symbols they would have used in Year 4 and explain that these were informal rather than scientific symbols. On the PowerPoint presentation, match the informal and scientific symbols used to draw circuit diagrams. Look at the correct symbols.


Circuit Symbols Memory Test:  All circuit symbols are shown on the Lesson Presentation. Give yourself a minute to memorise them. Ask a parent or sibling to choose a Circuit Symbols Memory Cards and ask you to draw it. Test yourself - can you remember them all?


Interpreting and Drawing Circuit Symbols Activity Sheets.  Choose an activity sheet to label parts of a circuit and then convert circuit diagrams using informal pictures into a circuit diagram using scientific circuit symbols.

One star is simplest and three stars is the most challenging. You choose your challenge! 


Scientific Circuit Symbols Challenge: Look at each Scientific Circuit Symbols on the Lesson Presentation one at a time. Write your answers on the Scientific Circuit Symbols Challenge Activity Sheet.  Self-mark answers at the end.