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Autumn Term 2020

Year 2 have been so creative today! We have come to the end of our learning enquiry in history ‘Why did the Great Fire of London destroy so much of the city?’, we have designed our own Great Fire of London scenes to sequence and retell the events of the Great Fire using animation. Have a look at our amazing creations and some pictures of us in action!

We walked over to Cheltenham Ladies College this morning to take part in a football skills session. It was so much fun!

In class we are celebrating Black History Month! We are learning all about important black people in history, and have been very interested in Rosa Parks! In English, we have been looking at the book ‘The Colours of Us’, and have been celebrating ‘The Colours of Year 2’ by painting pictures and writing stories using similes to describe all the wonderful skin colours in the world.

We have been inspired by Samuel Pepys to make our own time capsule that we will bury underneath our school building work! Here are some of the fabulous things we made at home to put inside our time capsule!

We have spent time thinking about how the materials that houses were made from in 1666 helped the fire to spread and have made our own Tudor houses. Do you like them?

We have really enjoyed using quills and ink to write our Great fire of London diaries!

In RE, we have been using our artistic skills to answer the question “Where can we find God?”

We have had lots of fun examining primary resources to find out more about the Great Fire of London.

We have been looking at the story of ‘Vlad and the Great Fire of London’ in English. We loved role playing out what the main characters may have seen or heard during the fire,

We really enjoyed learning the lyrics to the Louis Armstrong song “What a wonderful world”! We thought about actions and pictures to help us remember the words. 

“What a wonderful world”

Performing lyrics with actions

Still image for this video