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Term 5 Summer 2023

Year 2 Summer Term 1 2023


Why did the Titanic sink?

In this History-led theme, we will learn about why Titanic was so special, who was on board and what life was like at that time. The children will discover the events of that fateful night and the reasons why it sank. What have we learned from this disaster since? Our science work will learn about plants. 

History lessons on Titanic

Science - Plants

We have set up an experiment to discover what a healthy plant needs to grow. We have one plant without water, one without light, one without the warm temperature, one without soil and one plant has all the correct conditions so we can compare to it. 

We planted beans today too! 

Computing - Digital Photography

Exploring the continents with Geography Students from the Uni of Glos. We loved the fun activities the teachers planned for us. 

We enjoyed a wonderful Coronation Day at school celebrating King Charles III together. We had a picnic lunch inside underneath the beautiful decorations in the halls. In the afternoon, we had an art session creating an A3 page of artwork linked to the King. We loved drawing the crown using Draw with Rob. 

Science - plants

We are growing beans this term and keeping a bean diary so we are measuring and observing their progress each week. 

Science - botanist lesson

Learning about the female American botanist Jane Colden (March 27, 1724 – March 10, 1766). We observed some cut flowers and made observational drawings of what we saw. 

Art - drawing Titanic

Drawing Titanic - the children were fascinated with the details on board this majestic ship. We will be exploring the interiors ready to make our sculpture 3D art Titanic cabins soon. 

Local Area Picnic Walk