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Move More Challenge! 

I hope you've been keeping track as a family of how many miles your family have been exercising each day! 

We have totalled up our family of 4 and we are at 210 miles but we still have one day to go. This has been a mix of cycling, running and walking.  

Yesterday's solution

Morning Challenge!


Log onto DoodleMaths and/or DoodleTables - let's get our class score up! 

Have a go at these workouts! 


Workout A - solve the calculations 


Workout D - a game to play (make 0-9 cards using scrap paper or post it notes) 


Workout E - missing number challenge

Maths Workouts


You will need pages 16 - 21. 

Activity 11 - A poem with a repeating pattern 

Activity 12 - Writing a descriptive paragraph 

Activity 13 - Artistic Challenge 

Activity 14 - Performing your work.

Please send me any finished work or parts of this journey you are proud of! 


Log into Read Theory today and complete some quizzes! Well done those who are doing this regularly - it will really help your comprehension skills. 

Other Activity - Art 


Check these out! Amazing close up portraits in the style of Chuck Close. Why not have a go! It might take you all weekend as these are pretty detailed! 

Can you see how the children uses dark / light to help create their pictures - you will need to colour in the sections you want darker and if you're brave you can use colour too.  When we are back in class, we can make a huge one in colour.