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VE Day - 75th Anniversary Week

These are photographs someone found of the 50th Anniversary of VE Day in 1995 when I was in Year 6 and we celebrated with a parade through town. I am the girl in the blue jumper!

We made decorations and baked food and I remember carrying all the tables and chairs downstairs and set up street parties outside our school for a big party! What will you do this Friday to celebrate?


Log onto DoodleMaths and earn your stars for the day! 


Go to White Rose Maths Learning and do Lesson 1 





This week's spellings are committee,  communicate, community, competition, equip,  equipped,  equipment,  especially, exaggerate, excellent,  lightning, thorough, recommend 

Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check sheet


Bedtime reading...snuggle up and use tonight for bedtime reading to get you sleepy. Remember no screentime for an hour before bed is recommended for  a good night's sleep. 

English - "Doors" - the world of possibility

Today you need pages 12 and 13 from the document.

Complete Activity 8 -  Through the Eyes of  a Character. 


Other Activity -  Science  


Lesson 1 – It’s Electrifying!

Are you an Electricity Expert? Quiz – Answer the questions to recap the key concepts you learnt in Electricity in Year 4.


Activity 2 – Reading Comprehension 

History of Electricity: Read and answer questions using the differentiated History of Electricity Reading Comprehension Sheets.