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Yesterday's solution - the answer is C

Morning Challenge!



Today you have BBC Bitesize Maths challenges to try. 

They get harder but challenges 3 - 7 are suitable for ages 7-11.

Today you will finish writing your short story based on "Under the Rug"

Use this time to edit and think carefully about word choices, grammar and spelling. Please send me a photo of your finished work - why not type it up to practise your typing skills too if you prefer. 

Science Quiz for Kids from Whizz Pop Bang magazine

This 20-question quiz on general science knowledge is ideal for kids to try at home. Play against your family or set up an online chat with your friends so t...

Art - Reflection idea

Draw a line of reflection then sketch out your skyline.  Use watercolours to paint a wash and try to get the colours to match. 

Transition to Year 7 


As your child begins secondary school, they are likely to have greater freedom over what they choose to eat. Recap with your child what a balanced diet looks like and what a healthy food choice is using this clip and the NHS eat well website. Ask your child to think about what the school canteen may offer for lunch. Using these ideas, ask them to create a balanced lunch plate which they would want to eat. You may want to ask them to create a 5-day menu to encourage them to eat a varied diet.