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Year 5 Home Learning Work for Thursday 2nd July


Spend 15 minutes on Doodle Maths or Doodle Tables.


Watch the video for today's lesson: Calculate angles around a point.

Complete as much of today's worksheet (below) as you can.

(Answers are at the bottom of this page.)


Practise your spellings for this week.


What is the most amazing thing you have ever tasted? Perhaps it is a wonderful sweet pudding or a rich meaty stew or grandma's spicy rice! Think carefully about what makes it taste so memorable. Jot down some key words to help you describe it.

Your task is to create a poster showing the dish and raving about how wonderful the taste is.

Make sure you include a colourful, detailed drawing, but the most important parts are the words you use in your poster to convince everyone it is the best taste ever. I look forward to seeing what you choose.




Science - Taste test

You will need some help with this investigation.

You are going to try to answer the question: How important is smell when we taste things?

Use the link below to watch a video to show you what to do:


You will need:

  • a blindfold
  • a nose clip (peg?)
  • some foods to test (ask someone else to organise these, so you don't know what they are!)


Which food or drink did you struggle to identify with the nose clip on?

What other clues do you use - is texture important? Could you tell raw apple from raw onion, for example?

Write and tell me what you find out.