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Year 5 Home Learning Work for Wednesday 8th July


Use the link below to play a symmetry matching game.


Watch the video for today's lesson: Reflection.

Complete as much of today's worksheet (below) as you can.

(Answers are at the bottom of this page.)


Here is today's spelling challenge:

Make a list of as many words as you can think of that contain at least 3 Ns.  Here's an example: INNINGS

There is one point available for each word you find.

YOU MAY USE A DICTIONARY, but please do not just Google your answer!

How expert are you?

10 pts - a fair effort

15 pts - good going

20 pts - you're a spelling star

25 pts - you can teach the class from now on!



Today I am challenging you to find a country name beginning with each letter of the alphabet (sadly, you won't find one starting with X!).

To start with, try this without any help.

When you get a bit stuck, then use an atlas.

Make sure you get all the spellings correct!



Use the link below to go to a web page which shows you all the flags of the World. Study the flags carefully.


Now create your own flag quiz to challenge members of your family.

You could ask them to draw flags or describe what they look like or you could copy and paste some of the images to make a presentation. Don't make it too impossible or they might just give up!