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Year 5 Home Learning for Wednesday 15th July


Use the link below to practise reading scales. Can you get a trophy at each level of difficulty?


Watch the video for today's lesson: Converting units of time

Complete as much of today's worksheet (below) as you can.

(Answers are at the bottom of this page.)


Here is today's spelling challenge:

Make a list of as many words as you can think of that contain at least 2 Ws.  Here's an example: WIGWAM

There is one point available for each word you find.

YOU MAY USE A DICTIONARY, but please do not just Google your answer!

Compound words will be good for this challenge.

How expert are you?

10 pts - a fair effort

20 pts - good going

30 pts - you're a spelling star

40 pts - you can teach the class from now on!


Write a short poem about your favourite holiday destination.

Why is it such a good place for a holiday? Use lots of description. You could add alliteration (sand, sea and sunshine) or rhyme (The mountains are grand, The highest in the land).



Summer Holidays - Poem by Jean Sheridan

Holidays are such fun
So much to do for everyone
A cliff to climb a sea to surf
A game of golf upon the turf

Some stay at home, some go away
It doesn’t matter where you stray
Your time’s your own, no jobs to do
Perhaps a visit to the zoo

The children ride upon their bikes
While others choose to take a hike
In countryside so fresh and green
Perhaps a paddle in the stream

Sometimes the sun sometimes the rain
The main thing is that you stay sane
And treasure all the hours together
Having fun whatever the weather.



You are going on your Summer holiday tomorrow!

You must pack!

What will you take with you?

Draw your suitcase or bag and everything you will need to pack in it. Make sure you label everything carefully, so that someone at home can check you have included all that is required.