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The Characters

Mr Searle used the names of all the Y5 children in his story:

Shakespeare Smith (Shay)- main character

Travis - Shay's best mate

Uncle Earnshaw - Shay's uncle

Mr Whybrew - Shay's teacher

Mrs Hindle - Shay's teacher in Y4

Charloton Museum of String

Brisland - name of Obadiah Grenville's house in Stratford

Campbell - one of Shay and Trav's school friends

W W Thomson - secretary of the Cheltenham Local History Society

Dr Ebbs - a curator at Cheltenham Museum

Johnson Strangefellow MBE - an expert on the sixteenth century

Stafford - museum security guard

Colley Farthingale - owner of Colley's Collectables, an antique shop in Cheltenham

Afseth Turnpike - best friend of Shay's younger brother, Darwin

Miss Painter - Darwin and Afseth's teacher

Suica - a Y6 boy at Shay's school

Suzi Sharpe - a friend of Uncle Earnshaw, owner of the White Pearl

Underhill Earthcuddle - a friend of Uncle Earnshaw, builder of the Rainbow Fish

Captain Erasmus Blackwell - a friend of Uncle Earnshaw, builder of a pirate galleon

Seaman Sid - works with Captain Blackwell on Queen Anne's Revenge

Arthur Kenann - a guide at Nash's House Museum in Stratford

Williams Bryn - presenter of the TV show, History Team

Hemphill Aldersworth - writer of a book found in Stratford Library

Mr and Mrs Baker - Underhill's ducks

Lena - Underhill's green iguana

Olga - Underhill's Angora goat

Barnard Collins - Victorian founder of the theatre in Stratford

Priya - paramedic who treated Shay after his fall from a tree

Constable He - local police officer

Dame Astringea Gaby - owner of the houseboat used by Johnson and Colley

Professor Cwiklak Svenyonsson - retired Oxford don and biographer of Barnard Collins


Did you also spot?

Duncan Cook - curator of the RSC collection

Mrs Pope - Professor Svenyonsson's housekeeper