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Year 5 Home Learning Work for Friday 19th June


Use the spreadsheet below to set yourself a times table grid to complete.


Today I would like you to investigate the frequency of the letters in our language. Use the instructions on the document below to find out which letters are most / least common when we write.


Ask someone at home to test you on this week's spellings - good luck.


Some of the letters in our alphabet are uncommon (we do not use them much). In an English Dictionary, there are a great many words beginning with A, but not so many beginning with J.

Your challenge is to see how many words you can think of using only your brain-box dictionary (no googling or scanning a printed dictionary allowed). Give yourself 10 minutes thinking time for each one. This will be more fun if you compete against someone else at home - can you beat Uncle Earnshaw?

Here's my list of words beginning with X:


xyster (I learnt that one last week)



xanthophyll (a pigment in plants, like chlorophyll)

xi (a Greek letter - I only know this one because it's really useful in Scrabble)


I didn't get very far! It's really hard with X.


Your challenges are:

Words beginning with J

Words beginning with K

Words beginning with Q

Words beginning with Z


Science Quiz for Kids from Whizz Pop Bang magazine

This 20-question quiz on general science knowledge is ideal for kids to try at home. Play against your family or set up an online chat with your friends.


History - What was life like for people living in the Mayan civilisation?

Use the link below to go to a BBC page, which will tell you about life in Mayan society.

Look at the pictures below of different levels of Mayan society.

Use the clues on the Mayan Society document to work out who is who.

Now open the Mayan Society Presentation (below) and rank the Maya according to importance.