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Y5 Home Learning Work for Tuesday 2nd June


Spend 15 minutes playing this fraction matching game:


Watch the video for today's lesson: Multiply mixed numbers by an integer.

Complete as much of today's worksheet (below) as you can.

(Answers are at the bottom of this page.)


Practise this week's spellings.


What is your favourite game? It could be a board-game or a computer game. Does it involve words, numbers, buying or selling? Is it a strategy game or just a game of luck?

Today's task is to write persuasively about your favourite game. You need to convince others that this game is so good, they should try it immediately.

Begin by listing all the reasons why you think it is so brilliant.

Then, start with an introductory paragraph to introduce your game, followed by a new paragraph for each reason.

Finish with a concluding paragraph to tell the reader to go and play it!

Look at my example below.



Today you will be carrying on with your board-game.

Yesterday, you created the board.

Now, you will need to make all the extras to go with the board - playing pieces, cards etc.

Remember, don't make your game too complicated as this will put players off. The best ideas are simple ones that give the scope for endless play.