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Year 5 Home Learning Work for Friday 10th July


Use the spreadsheet below to set yourself a times table grid.


Today's investigation is bout locker numbers. Read the document carefully - thinking about factors and multiples will help!


Here is today's spelling challenge:

Make a list of as many words as you can think of that end in O.  Here's an example: SOLO

There is one point available for each word you find.

YOU MAY USE A DICTIONARY, but please do not just Google your answer!

How expert are you?

10 pts - a fair effort

15 pts - good going

20 pts - you're a spelling star

25 pts - you can teach the class from now on!


Have a go at my country anagrams

I think it is pretty cool that RUMBA and TANGO are both names of dances, but are also anagrams of country names!

Here are some more:

CHAIN            RAIN            ENEMY            SERIAL            REGALIA           MAIL           ALSO


PURE          MOAN           RABIES            MANGO OIL            RENT AGAIN            LIZARD NEWTS


A COMEDIAN                    SALAD LOVER                     LAB USER                      DARK MEN



History - Why did the Mayan Empire End so Quickly?

Look at the 'History Mystery' presentation (below). Stop at slide 5 and think up some possible reasons for the decline of the Mayan civilisation.


Now look at the four possible reasons outlined on slide 7 of the presentation.

Decide on one of these reasons to investigate.

You must now look for evidence to support the idea you have chosen.

Use the 'Evidence bank' document and find as much evidence to support your theory as possible.

Now write a short explanation of your theory which includes the supporting evidence you have collected.