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Year 5 Home Learning Work for Friday 1st May


Complete a times table grid using my specially created spreadsheet (below). There are four grids (A,B,C and D), just like in class - choose your grid by clicking on the correct tab at the bottom. You can change the numbers by bringing up the FORMULAS menu across the top and clicking on the calculator icon on the far right. The numbers are random, so you may get the same number appearing in two columns or rows!

To check your answers in your times table grid, follow the short video below:

How to mark your times table grid

Still image for this video
Today's Maths investigation continues our week's theme of animals - it's called MATHS CATERPILLARS (below) - Have fun investigating!


Ask someone at home to test you on this week's spelling list. Good luck - I hope you do well!


Many people these days have made the decision to be vegetarian (not eating meat or meat products). They may have a number of reasons for this. For example, they may think it is cruel to keep and kill animals just for us to eat or they may think that a vegetarian diet is healthier.

Those who are still happy to eat meat will also have strong views. They may think that meat is a good source of important nutrition or that a huge number of farmers rely on meat eating for their livelihood. They may just think it's really tasty.


Your task is to write a discussion text to put forward BOTH sides of this issue. Try to be balanced - e.g. including a similar number of arguments on both sides. Also, try not to persuade - present the arguments and let the reader decide!

You may need to talk to family members or do a bit of online research to find out all the arguments different people might have.


Animal Photograph Competition!

You will need access to a camera, tablet or phone for this activity.

Your task is to take interesting photographs of animals. The animal you choose might be a pet, a minibeast in your garden or a cow in the field next-door!

Try to take a variety of photos - some close-up, maybe just of part of the animal, animals in action for example.

Choose the best or your favourite photo and send it attached to an email to me at school. Think up a good caption for your photo too.

The best ones I will put on the class page.

Here's a photo I took of a male mallard having a rest: