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The Children's Book Quiz you created is now ready to play.

Go to Kahoot! and use the following PIN:


You have until 9pm on Saturday 20th June. Please use a name I will recognise!

Year 5 Home Learning Work for Tuesday 16th June


Use the spreadsheet below to play ONE TO TEN. Your challenge is to use all four digits to make the range of answers from 1 to 10. Give yourself about ten minutes thinking time - ask someone to check through your solutions at the end.


Watch the video for today's lesson: Percentages as Fractions and Decimals.

Complete as much of today's worksheet (below) as you can.

(Answers are at the bottom of this page.)


Practise this week's spellings.


I am setting you two challenges today. The first is a little easier than the second. Both involve our alphabet: ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ


1. An alphabet sentence:

A quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dogs.

This sentence is only 35 letters long, but contains all 26 letters of our alphabet. Your challenge is to create another sentence containing all 26 letters of the alphabet. Can you keep the toal number of letters below 50? Make sure your sentence makes sense!


2. An alphabet paragraph:

Although bitterly cold, delightfully eager faith group hosted impromptu jamboree. Kindly local men's new orchestra performed quite rousingly. Six tuneful ukuleles vibrated while xylophones yowled zealously.


'Allo, Boris calling!

Daily exercise fervently.

Get home-deliveries, including jigsaws, knitting, loo-rolls, masks.

Not over-70s!

Please queue, remaining socially-distanced, 'til ultimately vaccinated.

With X




The above paragraphs contain 26 words all in alphabetical order. I really like the second one, although it cheats a little by creating some dodgy hyphenated words (e.g. home-deliveries). Your challenge is to have a go yourself. Again, make sure your paragraph makes some sort of sense!


The letters A B C D E F and G are used as musical notes.

Use the link below to access an online piano keyboard. Make sure you click on the icon above the keyboard to have the lettter notes showing. It should look like this:



Use the keyboard to create a short tune. Write down the notes you have used for your tune as a series of letters.

Challenge: Can you work out how to play a well known tune - e.g. Happy Birthday?