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Year 5 Home Learning Work for Tuesday 30th June


Use the spreadsheet to play virtual darts (it's more fun if you are competing against someone else!). The instructions are on the spreadsheet,


Watch the video for today's lesson: Drawing lines and angles accurately.

Complete as much of today's worksheet (below) as you can.

(Answers are at the bottom of this page.)


Practise your spellings for this week.


We have 5 senses. Sadly, some people are not able to access all 5 of theirs. It must be very tough if you are blind or deaf.

Today, I would like you to consider the addition of a sixth sense. What could it be? Some birds are believed to be able navigate by sensing the Earth's magnetic field - would that be useful? Seeds always send their roots downwards because they can sense the pull of gravity.

Decide what you would like to add as our sixth sense and write a persuasive text explaining why and how it would be useful for us.





How difficult is it to do simple tasks if you cannot see?


Some things you have done so many times, that they remain relatively straight forward unseen. Try closing your eyes, then untying and tying your shoe-laces: you should still be able to do that pretty well. How about getting undressed, then dressed again: this should still be okay, although you may put on clothes the wrong way round or inside out!

Here are two more difficult things to try:

1.  Draw a familiar animal - a dog or cat or horse maybe. Check that you know how it goes. Now try it blind-folded. Can anyone guess what you have drawn this time? This becomes even harder if you are challenged to draw something less familiar. Try it with a camel or crocodile or ham and mushroom pizza!

2.  You probably think you know your house really well. Try challenging yourself to go from one place to another (eg from the kitchen sink to your bed) blind-folded. Can you do it without bashing into anything? PLEASE BE CAREFUL - you might want to ask another person to keep an eye on you so there are no accidents - one broken arm in the class is enough!