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Year 5 Home Learning Work for Monday 6th July


Spend 15 minutes on Doodle Maths or Doodle Tables.

Watch the video for today's lesson: Regular and irregular polygons.

Complete as much of today's worksheet (below) as you can.

(Answers are at the bottom of this page.)


There are no more spelling lists for Year 5. Instead, each day I will set you a spelling challenge!


Here is today's:

Make a list of as many words as you can think of that contain at least one R, but no other consonants. Your words can have as many different vowels as you like! Here's an example: ROAR

Longer words will get more points:

  2 letter words     1 pt

  3 letter words     2 pts

  4 letter words     3 pts

  5 letter words     5 pts

 >5 letters             10 pts

YOU MAY USE A DICTIONARY, but please do not just Google your answer!

How expert are you?

20 pts - a fair effort

30 pts - good going

40 pts - you're a spelling star

50 pts - you can teach the class from now on!


Read the text below about an imaginary country, then answer the comprehension questions in full sentences.

(Answers are at the bottom of this page.)



Invent a Country

Today, I would like you to be creative. I am giving you the power to create your own country, anywhere in the World, any size or shape and with any physical and political features you desire!

Have a good think first, then come up with ideas for:

  • Country name
  • Location in the World
  • Climate
  • Terrain
  • Population
  • Capital city
  • Other important cities and towns
  • Major products and industries (what does your country make or grow)
  • Tourist attractions
  • Other important information


Create a datafile for your country, which includes all this information. You could use the example below as a template if you like.